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Dementia Care Alamo Heights Brain Exercises

Comfort Keepers In-Home Care in San Antonio, Texas.

Brain Exercises Prove Highly Valuable to Seniors’ Dementia Care in San Antonio & Alamo Heights, TX

Learn more about dementia care from Comfort Keepers of San Antonio, TX

Seniors living with dementia in any stage, from early signs and symptoms to advanced stages, may benefit from the incorporation of creative and brain-stimulating activities within their dementia care routine. For those seniors living within the area of Alamo Heights, TX, there are many options for dementia care available through Comfort Keepers® care providers.

According to studies by the American Academy of Neurology, performing activities such as reading, writing, playing games and listening to music helps to delay memory loss in seniors who develop dementia. Additionally, the more often these activities are performed, the more likely they are to help decrease rapid memory loss. Ensuring that senior loved ones, especially those living with dementia, routinely perform activities such as these is easy with the help of Comfort Keepers’ companionship services.

Seniors living independently in their own homes may find it challenging to maintain a routine of mind-exercising activities as well as physical exercise. When family members or friends live afar, or when they simply are not available to spend time with seniors on a daily basis, Comfort Keepers fills this void and ensures that seniors receive the attention that they require, no matter how great or small the need.

Brain-exercising activities that Comfort Keepers dementia care providers can perform with seniors include the activities suggested by the American Academy of Neurology, such as assisting and leading seniors in reading – whether it is a favorite novel, the daily newspaper, a magazine or a greeting card; writing – including letters to friends, grocery lists or even a blog post; playing card games, board games, crossword puzzles, word searches, and countless other brain-teasers; or will share in listening to music with seniors while resting, conversing or performing household chores.

Studies have also shown that physical activity is highly beneficial to brain function in seniors with dementia. Comfort Keepers staff will lead seniors in physical activity, including walks in the neighborhood, gardening, chores around the house, and much more, and they can ensure that these activities are performed routinely and safely. With a trusted companion by their side, seniors are more likely to feel motivated and remain interested in these activities that are invaluable to overall wellbeing and happiness.

For more information regarding dementia care activities in the area of Alamo Heights, TX, contact Comfort Keepers online, by phone at (210) 201-0174, or read more about care in your area.

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