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Things Seniors Should Know About Staying Safe and Healthy During Winters

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Things Seniors Should Know About Staying Safe and Healthy During Winters

Did you know that common health conditions, such as common colds, and sore throats are exacerbated during winter? Yes, cold temperatures and untowardly weather conditions often make people stay indoors increasing the risks of health problems, as germs propagate at a faster rate in dry and ill-ventilated houses. Also, outside, the ice and the snow add to the risks for people of all ages, but more so for seniors. 

Hence, in order to stay healthy during winters, seniors should keep in mind the following tips:

  1. Maintain a healthy diet: Age brings in a weakening of the immune system along with it. This is a part and parcel of life but having a strong and healthy diet helps in fuelling us and protecting our body against sickness. Seniors should make it a point to consume fruits during their meals as they provide the necessary minerals to strengthen the immune system and add strength.
  2. Stay hydrated: Winters are often the driest times of the year, and it is always essential to stay well hydrated. Everyone should make it a point to drink a minimum of half their weight in ounces, per day.
  3. Maintain a fitness schedule: It is quite difficult to motivate yourself into exercising during winters. But for seniors, maintaining an active lifestyle is essential as it helps in keeping away heart diseases and increasing mobility. During winters, walking inside the house or within enclosed spaces helps in keeping fit, without exposing themselves to the harsh winters.
  4. Socialize: Not only is physical well-being important, but also extra attention should be given to mental health. Isolation is a major problem, especially for seniors, and this problem is worsened during winters. To combat this, seniors should spend time with their loved ones, go outdoors and perform their chores and run errands. Keeping yourself mentally and physically engaged at regular intervals is essential during the winters.
  5. Clean Pathways: It is essential for retirement homes and places where seniors reside to provide a shoveling service, to help in keeping the paths clean by shoveling the snow. The regular footpaths and sidewalks should be regularly cleaned during winter to prevent any snow-related accidents, which are often, much more dangerous for seniors than middle-aged people and children.
  6. Always wear warm clothing: Always make sure that your senior loved ones have all the necessary winter clothing at the start of the winter. Winters are tough for people whose extremities feel the most amount of cold due to poor blood circulation. For seniors suffering from cold hands and feet, a pair of thermal socks and gloves will provide the necessary extra warmth.
  7. Try new indoor activities: Like socializing, it is also helpful to engage your brain and intellect to try out new activities such as trying out a new hobby, learning how to play the guitar, or engaging in knitting. These activities help in reducing the boredom felt by most seniors who have very less to no physical activity during winter.      

Winters are meant to be celebrated like any other time of the year and there is no reason for seniors to not indulge themselves while keeping themselves healthy and safe in the process. The above tips will help seniors in maintaining such a lifestyle during the winter. Call us at (843) 594-0297 if you have questions about these tips or click the button below!