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Comfort Keepers Provides Independent Home Care Solutions in Summerville, South Carolina 

Comfort Keepers provides various home care solutions for seniors who choose to live independently in Summerville, Ladson, Goose Creek, and the surrounding areas

Comfort Keepers offers a choice of in-home care solutions via our SafetyChoice program. Using medical alert systems, medication reminder programs, and home monitoring technology, your elderly loved one may feel comfortable at home, even alone. 

Our SafetyChoice line of devices is designed to offer elders and those who care for them affordable, dependable security and confidence. Most elders want to remain in their homes, which they can do securely and pleasantly with our home care solutions. Contact our agency at (843) 594-0297 or continue reading below to learn more!

Why Use Our SafetyChoice Products?

Not only may our SafetyChoice products be used in conjunction with one of our care plans, but they can also be used alone to keep your loved ones safe. For instance, a senior's health and quality of life may be impacted by a harsh fall while alone in the home. On the other hand, it is equally risky to miss a dose or take too much medication. If a dementia care patient becomes disoriented or engages in harmful behavior, they may also be in danger.

Comfort Keepers provides more than exceptional home care solutions; we also assist elders via the use of technology. Our comprehensive selection of in-home safety products can assist families in overcoming these obstacles while being safe inside the comfort of their home.

A Quick Overview of the SafetyCare Products

Home Monitoring Systems

Comfort Keepers' home monitoring systems are an excellent way to ensure the safety of your loved one while you are away. Home monitoring and alert systems can help your loved ones maintain their independence and security while at home.

Medication Safety and Management

Medication administration is a significant problem for older citizens who live alone. It's all too common for seniors who take many medications throughout the day to forget to take a dose or take the incorrect one. With the assistance of a caregiver or Comfort Keepers' medication management devices, seniors may maintain their independence and quality of life.

Personal Emergency Response Systems

We understand the challenges families encounter while caring for an elderly loved one. Every senior aspires to retain their independence, which becomes more complex as mobility fades with age. Seniors can accomplish this objective more safely by acquiring a basic medical alert system. That is why Comfort Keepers recommends Personal Emergency Response Systems from SafetyChoice (PERS). In an emergency, these devices make summoning aid quick, convenient, and effective.

Safety Accessories

Comfort Keepers offers several accessories designed to improve the performance of your Personal Emergency Response System in your home (PERS). This may include extra pendants, lockboxes, and home safety evaluations.

Make an Appointment for a FREE Home Safety Assessment and Consultation

We recognize your desire to provide the best care to your loved one. Furthermore, we recognize that caring for someone alone is not always possible. Our SafetyChoice products and home care solutions give you peace of mind when you can't be there. Call for a free, no-obligation consultation. We'll help you figure out how to proceed and show you the various senior care products that are appropriate for your loved one. To begin, click one of the links below.