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Building a Relationship with Comfort Keepers

Comfort Keepers In-Home Care in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Comfort Keepers are Home Health Providers in Tulsa, OK

Building Relationships, With Your Home Health Providers, Comfort Keepers®

How do I keep my loved one feeling positive?

When daily activities become more challenging, seniors often begin to feel overwhelmed or frustrated.  Getting older can be not only physically draining, but mentally draining as well. It is imperative to maintain good mental health, just as it is to maintain physical health.

Encouraging your loved one to be social is an effective way to maintain a healthy mind. Interacting with those outside of the family can help improve emotional stability and memory. We look into this very thing in our video series about friendship, “Friends. Forever. Always.”

It is even encouraged for your loved one to venture outside of his or her social circle to meet new potential friends, which home health providers can help with. This can help keep your loved one in a good mental and emotional state by allowing him or her to share his or her past experiences with someone new. Because your loved one will be sharing these memories with that person for the first time, it will have a positive effect on their mind and bring back many good memories.

Why does cognitive functioning improve when interacting with others?

According to researchers, neurotransmitters are responsible for the improvement of cognitive functioning when interacting. Lou Cozolino, a professor of psychology at Pepperdine University, told the AARP that he believes the release of oxytocin, dopamine, and serotonin into the brain cause this improvement. When these neurotransmitters are released into the brain, stress is greatly decreased and positivity abounds.

How can interactions with caregivers help?

Home health providers aren’t just about assisting with tasks around the house, it’s about building relationships. Our Comfort Keepers® aren’t just randomly chosen for your loved one, but rather carefully handpicked to allow for friendships to grow. We will make sure that your loved one is receiving care from a warm and understanding caregiver. Our home health providers do more than just providing care, they also provide companionship. The passion for forming meaningful relationships with seniors that Comfort Keepers exude should give you and your family reassurance that your loved one is in good hands.

Comfort Keepers give your loved one a chance to form a strong bond with someone outside of the family, along with tremendous in-home care. This bond is built on a foundation of trust and devotion to your loved one, and will potentially blossom into a wonderful friendship.

If you are seeking care for your loved one please contact Comfort Keepers in Tulsa, OK, and let us put you at ease about our home health providers. We pride ourselves on taking the burden off your shoulders and allowing your loved one to live a comfortable life at home. Contact us by phone (918) 205-1756 or through our website here.