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Pitman, New Jersey
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Call (856) 352-5969 | 410 Andbro Dr Unit #1, Pitman, New Jersey 08071 Coronavirus update
410 Andbro Dr Unit #1, Pitman, New Jersey 08071 Coronavirus update

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Companion Care in Pitman, NJ and the Surrounding Area

Find out how companion can keep seniors socially and emotionally engaged in Pitman, NJ

Senior isolation can lead to a number of health concerns including depression. While loneliness is not always linked to depression and failing health, it is common enough to cause concern. For this reason, families who notice that their senior loved one has been withdrawing socially tend to worry.

Loneliness is a complicated issue. Some seniors can be completely alone and not feel lonely while others can be surrounded by people and feel completely alone. Further, researchers have determined that for men loneliness is not associated with the number of social contacts but the quality of them. Women, however, find comfort in numbers. According to the AARP, "older women who maintained large social networks reduced their risk of dementia and delayed or prevented cognitive impairment ...and women who had daily contact with friends and family cut their risk of dementia by almost half."

Sadly, not every senior male has quality social contacts and not every senior woman has a large social network or family she can regularly talk with. In these cases, Comfort Keepers can help.

Comfort Keepers provides in-home senior care specifically designed to help seniors maintain their freedom, independence, and quality of life. In addition to a plethora of homemaking and personal care supports, Comfort Keepers also provides award-winning companion care.

At Comfort Keepers, companion care goes beyond just sitting on a couch watching television. In fact, it starts with getting to know the senior and finding out what makes them happy. What are their interests, passions, likes, dislikes? Caregivers strive to address a senior's social, emotional, and cognitive needs through meaningful interaction, but what does the senior define as meaningful? From walks in the park to reminiscing, taking the time to listen, share, support, and sometimes just be there, caregivers help seniors ward off physical and social isolation and loneliness.

For more information about the many ways Comfort Keepers companion care can help your senior loved one, contact a senior home care coordinator today. 

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