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Safety Care Products are Provided Through our Elderly Care Services in Greater Pitman, NJsafety care

In Pitman, NJ, and the surrounding areas, seniors can rely on Comfort Keepers for various elderly care services.

Numerous senior home care options are available through Comfort Keepers' SafetyChoice program. In an emergency, medical alert systems, medication reminder programs, and home monitoring devices are available to help keep your elderly loved one safe and secure at home. Safeguarding the elderly and those who care for them is one of our top priorities at Comfort Keepers. Our elderly care solutions enable seniors who prefer to remain in their own homes securely and comfortably. We can be reached at (856) 352-5969 or by reading on.

How Our SafetyChoice Products Can Help:

As well as in conjunction with one of our senior care plans, you can utilize SafetyChoice items to ensure the safety of a loved one who is left alone. Seniors' health and quality of life can be at risk if they fall, for example. It's just as harmful, though, to take too much or too little medication. Those with dementia may also be vulnerable to wandering or engaging in risky behavior.

Families must now balance respect for a loved one's independence with the necessity of providing elderly care services. Even though no one wants to bother a loved one, every family is worried about the time in between visits when they are all by themselves without their loved one.

Comfort Keepers provides more than exceptional elderly care; we also use technology to assist seniors. Our comprehensive array of in-home safety products can assist families in overcoming these obstacles.

At a Glance: Our SafetyCare Products

Home Monitoring Systems

A great way to ensure the safety of your loved ones while you're away with a Comfort Keepers home monitoring system. Home monitoring and alert systems can help keep your elderly loved one secure and independent at home.

Medication Safety and Management

For older adults who live alone, medication management is one of the most critical issues to deal with. Especially for seniors who take many medications throughout the day, forgetting to take a dose or taking the wrong one is all too often. With the support of a caregiver or Comfort Keepers' medication management tools, seniors can maintain their independence and quality of life.

Personal Emergency Response Systems

Having a loved one who is aging is a challenging situation for any family. Every senior wants to keep their independence, but this becomes increasingly difficult as people age. Older adults can better meet their objectives by using a medical alert system. As a result, Comfort Keepers has endorsed SafetyChoice's Personal Emergency Response Systems (PERS). If you need help right away, you can use one of these handy gadgets to obtain it.

Safety Accessories

Comfort Keepers offers a wide range of safety accessories to make your PERS accessories more effective at home. Security measures such as additional pendants and lockboxes can be part of this.

Make an Appointment for a FREE Home Safety Assessment

Providing the most excellent possible elderly care for your loved one is a top priority for you, and we are here to help. We also know that it's not always possible to care for someone on your own. When you can't be there, our SafetyChoice products and elderly care solutions give you the peace of mind that you deserve. Please call our senior care team right away at (856) 352-5969 to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation. SafetyChoice is here to answer your questions and provide guidance on what goods or home services would be best suited for your loved one based on their specific needs and preferences.