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In-Home Senior Care for Accident Injury Recovery in Pleasant Valley

Comfort Keepers In-Home Care in Davenport, Iowa.

In-Home Senior Care for Accident Injury Recovery in Pleasant Valley

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In-Home Senior Care Makes for a Successful Recovery

Recovering after an injury can be difficult for many reasons, and in the case of seniors, the path back to normal can take much longer. Failed or poorly navigated recoveries may result in the re-admission of the senior to the hospital, while correctly implemented recovery strategies will put the senior on the path to independence. 

Seniors who have had an accident and stayed in the hospital for an extended time are likely to face many stressful situations when they return home. For many, these situations eventually pressure the senior into readmission—which, in turn, can cause even more issues. Some issues may become apparent soon after the return home: 

  • Is there food in the home? 

  • Is the home in disarray? 

  • Have the utilities been cut off? 

  • Are there obvious dangers present in the home?

  • Would anyone be able to check in on the senior during recovery?

These are all issues that require immediate action, and if the senior is unprepared, they may feel overwhelmed. Professional caregivers can anticipate problems like this, but primary caregivers can often overlook them after a health scare involving their loved one.

In-home senior care makes for a successful recovery for all seniors, including those with mental illnesses. Comfort Keepers works cooperatively with home health agencies, physical therapists, and health professionals to deliver full-spectrum care. 

Care Collaborations Create Successful Recoveries

Comfort Keepers hosts a diverse range of postoperative home care for those returning from a hospital or rehabilitation facility. Offering solutions for every need is how injuries heal faster, relationships strengthen, and compassion spreads. We actively work to create care plans that will fit everyone’s specific needs.

Comfort Keepers aims to be a holistic option for every care situation. Holistic care means that our caregivers will provide follow-up communications to the correct family members and the senior’s primary doctor. 

Temporary or Permanent Options for Assistance

It’s hard to be a primary caregiver for a senior —and it can be even more stressful when it happens unexpectedly. We can help. Comfort Keepers is one option for in-home senior care assistance after an accident and during recovery. We offer many services, all of which can be scheduled on a temporary or long-term basis with our custom in-home care options:

  • Personal care: Seniors recovering after an injury are likely to have a limited range of motion; motion limitations impact hygiene, housekeeping, and daily life. Personal care ensures that your senior receives the compassion and dignity they deserve. 

  • Companion care: All seniors suffer from loneliness and isolation. These feelings are even more acute after the death of a spouse. Companion care delivers socialization, stimulation, and emotional support to every senior.

  • Respite care: Our caregivers understand the stress that primary caregivers undergo every day. The respite care that Comfort Keepers offers is a way for primary caregivers to get some relief from their ongoing obligations. 

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