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Managing Mobility as We Age

Comfort Keepers In-Home Care in Logansport, Indiana.

Managing Mobility as We Age

Aging is inevitable for everyone, and there are some things that come with age that can't be helped. A decrease in mobility is something that is associated with aging. The degree of mobility loss is dependent on the aging person. It can be fairly drastic or a slow process, depending on a lot of different factors. 

Maintaining your mobility as you age is crucial and will help to ensure you have a good quality of life. People who experience loss of mobility tend to isolate themselves out of fear of not being able to keep up or move around well enough. This can lead to senior depression and your health declining faster. 

Finding ways to keep your mobility and possibly even gain back some that may have been lost will make aging much more graceful and enjoyable. 

How do mobility problems affect you as you age?

The biggest concern with the loss of mobility is the risk of falling

Falling can lead to some serious injuries like broken bones and even death. As we age, it’s common to lose bone density so breaking or fracturing a bone is a real concern, as well as the healing process, which seems to slow down with age. 

Worrying about falling is a valid concern and taking every precaution necessary to prevent falls is a smart idea. Doing things like not having clutter lying around that you could trip over, asking for help, and understanding, if side effects from your medication makes you prone to being dizzy or falling are all good things to do. 

How to prevent mobility issues as we age

Maintain a healthy weight and diet

Making sure you are eating enough healthy food to help your body stay strong and heal when it needs to is vital as we age. As well as maintaining healthy body weight. Carrying around extra weight on your body is never a good thing, especially as you enter your senior years. Excess pounds will put more stress on your joints and bones, making you more susceptible to injuries. 

Stay active

Remaining active as you age is crucial to maintaining your mobility and, ultimately, your independence. There is no need to worry if you haven't been as active as you would like. After talking with your doctor to get the clear to start a fitness program, you can easily find something you like to do that will get you moving. You can join a fitness class, take up yoga, work in your garden, or go for something as simple as a walk. 

Removing fall hazards in your home

Whether or not you are experiencing mobility issues, keeping your home free from hazards that could result in a fall is important. Anyone at any age can trip and fall in a cluttered home, take a tumble over a rug, or lose wires, but being a senior puts you at a higher risk of serious injury and a long healing time. Clearing out clutter, having good lighting, and removing anything that could pose a tripping hazard could save you from a severe fall. 

Use a walking aid

If you are feeling unbalanced while standing and are worried about falling, you can use something to help keep your balance, like a walker or a cane. Talking to your doctor, physical therapist, or pharmacist to help you choose the best option for you and ensure it is appropriately adjusted to fit your body type can give you peace of mind. Having something to help steady yourself can give you the confidence you need to get and go for a walk or get out of the house without having to worry about falling. 

Understand the medications you are taking

Certain medications may have side effects that will impact your mobility. Knowing what to expect in case you have side effects from your medication can help you better prepare. You may need to start using a walking aid or sitting down for a certain amount of time after taking your medicine or avoid alcohol. Talking to your doctor and your pharmacist will give you insight into the side effects of the medication and how to manage them best. 

Find ways to be social and active

Finding activities that you enjoy and that keeps you active is the best remedy to maintain your mobility as a senior. Check-in with your local community centers, senior centers, and hospitals for walking, gardening, and any other type of group you will enjoy that gets you moving and enjoying the company of others. 

Talk to your doctor

If you are feeling like your mobility is declining, it is best to talk with your doctor to rule out underlying medical conditions. If caught in the early stages, some illnesses can be managed well, and the prognosis can be slowed down to help you maintain your mobility and independence for as long as possible. 

Know your limits

Knowing your limitations as we age and accepting them is wise. If you push yourself too hard, you are putting yourself at risk of falling and becoming seriously injured. Feeling tired is a good reason to stop and take a break. You may not be able to do things that you used to or for as long. Things like climbing a ladder to prune your trees or paint your shutters may not be something you can do, and while this can be a hard pill to swallow, it is better than risking injury. 


Mobility issues are something that tends to be associated with aging, and while it's true, we do slow down as we get older. That does not mean you are destined for mobility problems. A few changes to your routine or lifestyle can make a big difference.

Loss of mobility does not need to take away a senior's independence, Comfort Keepers can help. Call us today at (574) 626-4336 to learn more about our in-home care services in Logansport and the surrounding area..