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How to Stay Resilient as a Family Caregiver in the New Year

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How to Stay Resilient as a Family Caregiver in the New Year

Taking care of a loved one can be rewarding and fulfilling, but it can also be exhausting. As family caregivers, it's important to take the time to focus on our own needs, too. This New Year, make sure you are taking steps towards self-care and resilience. Here are 5 actionable New Year’s resolutions that every family caregiver should consider.

Take Breaks

As a caregiver, you may feel like you are needed all the time—but this is not true! It is important for your own health and well-being to take regular breaks from your responsibilities. Depending on the situation, this could mean having another family member or friend step in for a few hours so that you can rest or spend some time away from home. If possible, try to schedule these breaks regularly throughout the month so that you have something to look forward to.

Reach Out for Support

No one should have to go through this journey alone—so don't! Reach out to friends and family members who understand what you're going through, or join an online support group where people are going through similar experiences. Even if they can't help with your day-to-day tasks, it's always comforting to know that someone has been there before and understands exactly what you're going through.

Partnering with an in-home care agency in Evansville can also be a step in the right direction if you need help caring for your loved one, or need time for yourself. 

Take Time For Yourself

When caring for someone else's needs becomes the main focus of your life, it can be easy to forget about taking care of yourself—but it's essential! Make some time each day just for yourself; whether it's reading a book or just taking a walk around the block without worrying about other tasks that need completing. It will help keep your mind clear and refreshed as you tackle everything else life throws at you as a caregiver. 

Schedule Check-Ins With Your Doctor

Caring for someone takes an emotional toll on caregivers—so don't forget about scheduling regular check-ups with your doctor too! Staying healthy physically will ensure that you stay resilient mentally and emotionally when things get tough as a family caregiver. 

Set Boundaries For Yourself

Finally, setting boundaries is key when caring for someone else—especially when they may have difficulty understanding boundaries themselves due to their condition or illness. Don’t be afraid to say no if something feels too overwhelming or outside of what is reasonable given your current circumstances. This will ensure that everyone involved stays safe while still maintaining respect between both parties. 

Being a family caregiver is never easy—but by making these 5 New Year’s resolutions part of your routine this year, you can make sure that your own needs don’t get left behind in 2020! Taking regular breaks, reaching out for support, setting aside time just for yourself, checking in with your doctor, and establishing boundaries are all important steps toward self-care and resilience in 2023 - so make sure not to skip out on any of them!   With these resolutions in hand, you're ready to tackle whatever comes next.

Comfort Keepers Can Help

Being a family caregiver is challenging, especially if you have other obligations. At Comfort Keepers, we help many family caregivers get the break that they need through our respite care services in Evansville and the surrounding area. 

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