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902 Florida Ave S STE 201, Lakeland, Florida 33803 Coronavirus update

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Comfort Keepers’ At Home Care Services Focuses on Special Diet Request in Lakeland, FL and All of Polk County

Read to learn more about how our at home care services can help your loved ones with special diet restrictions in Lakeland, FL

Many seniors have dietary restrictions or special nutritional needs. Doctors and nutritionists often include dietary needs in wellness plans, including intake limits for certain foods and portion recommendations. At Comfort Keepers, our at home care services understand the importance of nutrition in a senior’s health. We provide meal prep and meal planning services that meet your nutritional needs and accommodate special dietary restrictions.

Our caregivers in Polk County, Florida can help you manage your diet, so you can stay on track without having to stress about your meals.

A Helping Hand in the Kitchen

It can be difficult to maintain a healthy diet when you’re living alone. Things, like moving around the kitchen or lifting heavy pans, may not be as easy as they once were. When things become more difficult, we tend to avoid them. In this case, it means that many seniors are skipping healthier home-cooked meals in favor of processed, convenience foods. Some seniors are eating less overall. It’s important for seniors to consume enough calories and get the right nutrients. Our at home care services will help keep you on the right track.

Medication Complications

Some prescription drugs have food restrictions or sensitivities that can complicate your diet. Doctor-created nutrition plans should account for these issues, but it’s important to time doses correctly. That can be a challenge for seniors who are dealing with memory or mobility issues.

Our at home care providers can help you overcome some of these challenges. The first step is to get a better understanding of your medications. Next, our caregivers will create a plan filled with nutritious, delicious and compliant meals. Caregivers can also provide medication reminders to help ensure that seniors stay on track.

Calling in the Professionals

Our goal is to ensure that seniors get the nutrition they need. We offer meal planning and prep services, but sometimes, a client needs professional nutritional assistance. When necessary, we can reach out to these professionals to help resolve more complex nutritional problems. 

Get in touch with us today to learn more about senior nutrition needs and how we can help your loved one enjoy a better quality of life with at home care.

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