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601 Heritage Dr #211, Jupiter, Florida 33458 Coronavirus update

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Interactive Caregiving – a Unique Form of In Home Care for Elderly in Jupiter Florida

Learn more about our proven method of in home care for elderly residents.

There are several varieties of care for aging seniors. There are equally as many differences in the care providers, but the differences can be easily identified in their mission statement or primary objective. The average provider of in home care for elderly will highlight their provision of living accommodations, their wide category of supportive services, and any areas of specializations they offer. While Comfort Keepers is aware that these are extremely important contributors to elderly care, our primary goal extends the basic physical support and focuses on quality maintenance of the senior’s life and independence. This goal is accomplished with the unique services we provide.

Aging seniors who may not need physical assistance, but could benefit from assistance that helps them to remain safe and independent, while residing in their own home are the core of our objective. We focus on seniors with social, cognitive, and emotional needs. The companionship of a caregiver often has a greater benefit to the senior than the support or services being offered.  

At its foundation, in home care for elderly patients is a statute of care that is centered around the needs and wishes of the senior. Prior to the completion of a task, caregivers question the importance of the task, the impact it has on the senior, and in what manner the senior wishes to accomplish the task. Caregivers enhance interaction with the senior by assessing their likes, dislikes, things they enjoy, their passions, and more. This provides the necessary tools for social, emotional and intellectual interaction with the senior.

The process of senior assessment is an essential tool that Comfort Keepers rely on to better care for their seniors. Too often, caregivers spend countless hours talking about their lives, children and things that they are involved in or doing. While caregivers are encouraged to share things about themselves with their seniors, the ability to establish a more meaningful connection with the senior will provide a foundation for a lasting and trusting companionship.

An established relationship serves as an essential tool for other types of interaction. Comfort Keepers engage the emotions of the seniors to provide the highest quality of in home care for elderly. Gaining a clear understanding of the senior by finding out do they prefer long walks or engaging chats, do they enjoy scrapbooking, knitting or watching movies or other similar questions can help elevate the level of care provided.

Most importantly, the primary focus is on the whole senior and caregivers are there to learn, listen and provide a standard of care that extends a yearning desire to enhance the quality of life for the senior. This increases the standard of care, which makes it better for everyone involved. This is the primary goal of in home care for elderly. This is the primary goal of Comfort Keepers. If you would like to talk to one of our specialists about Interactive Caregiving, call us at (561) 246-4795 today!