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In Home Care at Comfort Keepers of Wellington, FL


Despite the fact that everyone wants to be independent, sometimes the little things can become too much to do alone. That's why you should consider the possibilities that Comfort Keepers of Wellington, FL provides many different in home care plans that will specifically suit your loved one. Learn now how easy the entire process can be. Get an inside look into in home care, the processes of senior care, and ways that respite care can potentially benefit you and your loved ones. 

In Home Care

In home care is very beneficial to those who need assistance at home with everyday tasks. While a family might realize that they need to help one of their loved ones to have assistance, they don't want to have to move their loved one into a nursing home and expose them to high levels of stress. You need the best in home care available to help avoid that situation. So long as you can work with the staff members of a care team, you can ensure that nothing falls by the wayside. According to Sabriya Rice, writer of The Dallas Morning News, says extra scrutiny is being placed upon home health care agencies which means a stronger quality of care will be enforced across the board.  

Senior Care

Helping elders as they age can be extremely important because the regular daily items can be difficult to handle. When you have elders who have aging minds, things from basic hygiene, taking medicine, or even eating regular meals and getting rest could be mismanaged or forgotten. You are able to utilize the processes created by the best home health care Wellington has to offer to keep seniors on a healthy schedule. Make sure you understand everything that is needed. If you generate a list for everything that needs to be done weekly, monthly, and daily, then an aide can help your loved one to stick to that list.  According to Eleanor Laise of Nasdaq, as of June 2016 there are new rules going into effect for Medicare that may or may not allow senior care to be covered. It will be covered depending upon the doctor's certification.

Respite Care

Respite Care is the type of care where temporary relief is needed in emergency situations.  Often individuals who are responsible for caring for someone with special needs just simply need a break, whether physically, mentally or emotionally.  With this great in home care service, you can have others step in and fill the role of watching a loved one. Respite Care answers are as simple as finding the quality you need and letting them come in and supervise while you fulfill the other obligations of your life. According to the Elko Daily Free Press in June 2016, there is a need for additional volunteers not only at their respite care center, but at similar centers all around. The need is out there and help can be had with the right agencies.

Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia Care

Alzheimer's disease and dementia care is care that is provided to help individuals who are losing their capabilities and can no longer take care of themselves. When individuals who simply forget where they are, who they are, and how to function in life need assistance, you need to be sure someone is there to help protect them from the daily dangers of associated. By contracting a professional (or multiple professionals) to always be on call and always be checking in on your loved one, you can ensure they don't have to live alone with all of the potential dangers anymore. Lisa Esposito lists multiple reasons why people need to be kept safe when they have Alzheimer’s or dementia in a June 2016 US News World Report and states how wandering can be as common as it is dangerous.  

End of Life Care

End of life care is for individuals who are nearing the end of their time and it helps to have someone on hand who can be there for assistance in day to day tasks. Someone who is growing older needs to be able to be at peace while they are enjoying their golden years, but may need help. Our in home care professionals are here 24/7 to help your loved one and your family get through this difficult time. These individuals are trained both emotionally and medically to come into the home and provide assistance as needed. In June of 2016, Laura Morrison writes that it is now time to train all doctors on how to talk to patients about end of life care because it is so hard to deal with.

Transitioning Home

A transitioning home is one that helps individuals get back on their feet. For whatever reason, patients need time before they can be on their own again after a hospital stay. It is extremely important not to rush the healing process for anyone. As Mark Lukasko wrote in May 2016, you need to have a transition home for anyone of any age who is preparing to go back to their regular life, but may need time in order to recovery and build strength back up. 

Private Duty Nursing

Private duty nursing is when you have a fully trained nurse on staff to not only provide regular assistance but medical expertise as well. In June 2016, Lynne Hatter wrote that Florida's public universities were developing a plan to bring in private nurses as there is just too much of a need to have experts in the home who can truly care for patients. It's not just about having assistance, but rather you need medical staff on hand as well.

Comfort Keepers is proud to serve you and your loved ones in the Wellington area. Call us to see how our in home care services can benefit and protect you and your loved ones by providing compassionate senior care with all the comforts of home.

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