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Adult Home Care Aid Testimonials

What People Are Saying About Comfort Keepers® Adult Home Care Aid

Comfort Keepers of Bradenton has provided care to seniors and their families in the surrounding areas of Florida for over 15 years. Today, we continue to provide the home care that Comfort Keepers brand is known for locally and nationally. Hundreds of people every day discover the exceptional brand of adult home care aid by Comfort Keepers—from seniors and their families to the exceptionally caring people who discover Comfort Keepers and choose to become Comfort Keeper® themselves.

Our adult home care fits your schedule and is delivered based on your unique care plan. A unique care plan is created for you and your loved ones based on a home care analysis completed by one of our Comfort Keepers caregivers. Learn more about what our clients have to say about Comfort Keepers adult home care aid by reading our reviews below.

My family and I are extremely pleased with the services that the staff at Comfort Keepers are providing for our Mother. They were able to carefully assess her needs and were able to arrange a reliable, kind, conscientious and compatible caregiver who is now graciously helping our Mother. It is our hope that with the assistance of Comfort Keepers our Mother will be able to continue to live independently in her own home. It is a comfort and relief to us to know she is in good hands.

Beth Carroll

How to thank someone who too my place...holding my mother's hand comforting my sisters, while my mother was dying. You are a special group. Thank you to all for being there when I could not be. You are all angels. Please keep up all your great talents for those who need you the most.

Entire Burkhart Family

Carolyn was assigned to our home by Comfort Keepers to help my after care, after extensive bladder surgery. She was always punctual, arriving carefully dressed, and cheerful. She performed all the listed duties and activities assigned to her and was not hesitant to do other things as she saw the need. Carolyn was helpful, encouraging a healthful recovery for me. I enjoyed having her in my home and would recommend Comfort Keepers for anyone in need of after care.

Mary S.

I employed Comfort Keepers to look after my 93 year-old mother while I was out of the country for three weeks. They took excellent care of her from telephone calls to check on her well-being, to grocery shopping for her, as well as chores about the house. Comfort Keepers allowed me to go away with the peace of mind that my mother was well cared for during my absence.

Larry M.

I’d like to thank you for your wonderful help with my mother. I think your caring ways really helped her get through a difficult time. She seems much more relaxed about being alone at night now and is sleeping much better. She truly appreciated your friendly evening chats with her! I was very impressed with your incredibly prompt and professional manner in handling our situation. I am sure Comfort Keepers will be a huge success and I happily recommend your company anytime!

Carol C.

When my husband became ill this past June I felt so overwhelmed, so confused as to how to take over many of the responsibilities. Just when I felt so desponding I had the fortune to be introduced to your company by a good friend. The more you described the services you offered the more I felt I had received a gift from God. Shortly afterwards, you brought Nancy to my home for an introduction. I could hardly believe my good fortune. Nancy was a most attractive lady will such a charming personality. I soon learned to appreciate her sense of humor, her happy, optimistic outlook on life, and most of all her many talents and abilities that became a lifesaver for me. Nancy always knows just what needs to be done before I do! Her willingness to help me with household chores, shopping, and appointments is only surpassed by her knowledge and assistance in sorting bills and expenses. Best of all, we have such a good time together! When my husband passed her sensitivity and attention to me were so appreciated and will not be forgotten. Thank you for all your kindness!

Louise C.

You have no idea how much help you were to me. Thankfully she is doing better but if she needs help, your company will be the first I call. There are Comfort Keepers in Maine and so I went on the internet hoping there was a Comfort Keepers in Florida. My Mom is telling her senior friends in Florida about your company too. Again, Thank you so much for your help. I did not know where to turn.

Renee D.

I wanted to acknowledge and thank you and your staff for the services and comfort provided to my cousin during her illness. Your responsiveness to my call was gratifying and exceeded my expectations in that you were able to provide a caregiver on the short notice of our need for services. You set the example that your staff embody, and I am most grateful for the comfort and peace of mind your company was able to give us knowing that Annette had a capable i8ndividual at her bedside holding her hand during the night. Your company’s service allowed us a measure of rest at night to be with her during the day. Thank you again, and please convey our thanks to your staff…they made us feel like they were part of our family caring for Annette as a member of theirs.

Angeline P.

I want to thank you, and all of your many caregivers, for helping me through a family emergency with my mother. My mother could not have gotten through this period without the help of all of you. Thank you for dealing with us in what has been a very difficult situation. All the best!

Cindy W.

Thank you so much for helping my mom, Anne, quickly. Your company was so much help when needed. Thank you so much!

Renee B.

We wanted to send you a note to express our sincere thanks for all you did for our father B Wilder. Over the last few months, when we spoke to Ben, he expressed how lucky he was to have an organization like yours to help him through this difficult time. Everyone that came to support my father, whether it was just for a few hours a day or up to twelve hours a day, was a pleasure to meet. They were able to help B in so many ways and that helped put our minds at ease knowing that people who cared were there with him. We also wanted to share to everyone who helped B was incredibly supportive, respectful and caring and that meant a great deal to us. That is a reflection on you and what great people you have working for you. Please extend our most sincere thanks to Charles, Chris, Jim, Gina, Rachelle and Anne and that we are truly indebted to them. Once again, thank you very much for everything you did for B and us.

The Extended Wilder Family

Thank you for all your help you have given to my mother. I depend on your agency to be there for her and feel confident that I can count on you. As you know, I work in Elderly Protective Services and Adult Services for the State of CT. Because of my experiences, I have run across a lot of agencies providing care. I feel relieved that it is your agency providing care for my mother. Your staff are professional in their dealings with my mother and go beyond what they need to do. I know I can contact you easily which is a relief, living in CT. Thank you for all that you do. I would recommend your agency highly to anyone living in Sarasota County.

Lisa Caivano

I wanted to take a moment to thank you and your staff for the wonderful job you have done in caring for my mother, Sally, these past several months. I did not realize when I first contacted you what a huge difference the time she spent with Margaret would make in her life and mine. Margaret is a perfect match for my Mom : a good listener, caring, compassionate, and willing to go on little adventures with her. My Mom considers her a good friend, and Margaret has made it clear that she cares very much about her as well. If I can ever be of any assistance in recommending Comfort Keepers, do not hesitate to contact me. I cannot thank you enough for your professional, compassionate and reliable care of my Mom.

Sandra Dengler

Dear Comfort Keepers, Throughout the past four years you have provided outstanding care and compassion for my wife Joan. None of the time you were here was easy but, all those wonderful caregivers you sent us kept Joan comfortable and well and helped the family to stay sane. Thank you.

Ralph, Tracy, & Brian

I work for the Senior Choices Area Agency on Aging located in North Fort Myers. This morning I completed an assessment with a family member who's loved ones live in South Venice and receive services from your agency. He stated that the health of his parents has improved (the doctor's even note the progress) and contributes a great deal of the progress to the assistance provided by their Home Aide named Tanya He spoke so highly of her interaction, dependability and willing ability to go above and beyond on behalf of his parents. With all of the sad things we hear in the news etc especially related to elder issues, it is nice to hear news like this. I therefore felt compelled to draft a "thank you" and recognize the great work of one of your employees. Thank you so much.

Nzingha Gaines-Sparks, MSW Senior Choices of Southwest Florida

I work with companies across the country in helping them to make great decisions that will raise the consciousness of their businesses, and I can tell you that Comfort Keepers is dedicated to running their business with the highest level of integrity and care. They bend over backwards to work with clients in a way that serves them as well as their families in a warm and professional way. What comfort really is care that comes without human warmth and compassion? But you also need them to be skilled, and Comfort Keepers goes to great lengths to select well trained professionals who then receive additional extensive training as well as continuing education, so you can rely on those who come to serve you to be both professional and warm. But there is more. Comfort Keepers supervises the care being given through case review experts as well as registered nurses, something that many home care companies do not bother with, because it's an extra expense for them. Comfort Keepers is very different. It is set up to ensure the high quality and the warmth of the care you or your loved one receives.

David D.

Comfort Keepers took wonderful care of my mother. They were professional, caring people, with a genuine concern for helping. They were also reliable, showing up as scheduled, when needed. I recommend Comfort Keepers to anyone in need of help.

Rosalie G.

It was wonderful to know that my husband had someone checking in on his to be sure that he was well and safe while I had to be out of town. I will definitely use Comfort Keepers whenever possible and would be happy to recommend you to anyone.

Gail W.

My mother recently passed away and I want to share with you how wonderful the caregivers were that worked with mom, especially Karen M. The caregivers truly cared for mom and it was not just a job for them. Karen became a friend and mom called Karen "her angel sent from heaven". Mom was very happy these last years and the caregivers were the main reason. Mom felt safe and secure with the girls taking care of her and she loved their company. Comfort Keepers was terrific to work with and always accommodated any request I made. It was reassuring to know that a caregiver would be with mom even if one of the caregivers had to go out of town or was sick. I highly recommend Comfort Keepers of Sarasota.

Maggie M.

I'm finally getting around to saying thank you to Comfort Keepers for being so good with my mother, Mary Logan, during April and May. I had never had to hire anyone to stay with my mother, and knowing that she was safe with your caregivers allowed me to do what I needed to do to complete her move to Illinois. I particularly would like to thank Diana who stayed with my mother most often. She was kind and friendly and upbeat which I greatly appreciated. My mother is quickly sinking into the shadows of Alzheimer's disease and consequently is not always responsive or easy...but that never stopped Diana from trying. Please give her my thanks. In the future, if anyone in Florida asks me I would be only too happy to recommend your services. Thanks again so very much.

Mary D.

We have been lucky to have Anne for over two years. She is dependable and does an excellent job. Chris just loves her and looks forward to her visit. Always ready to recommend your service if needed.

Jim B.