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Why Independent Living Is Important For Seniors

Comfort Keepers In-Home Care in Coronado, California.

For many of us, the thought of our loved ones becoming senior citizens is a thought that we try to keep out of our minds. However, the day will one day come around, leaving you to make serious decisions about the living arrangements of those closest to you. 

While it can be very tempting to cater to your older relatives every need, it is important that older people are given the independence that they need to continue living a full life. Independent senior living plays a huge role in giving your loved ones an excellent quality of life during their later years. Nobody wants to feel like a burden and, quite often, the feeling of independence is what motivates older people to push through any challenges that they may be facing. 

Why is independent living important for seniors?

For the majority of the time, independent living means staying in a familiar environment (usually their home), which may help senior citizens to enjoy their later life more. Staying in their own home means that they have access to all of their belongings, memories and favourite conveniences. It also might mean that your elderly relative will have friends and family nearby. 

How to keep independent seniors safe?

Just because your loved one lives in their own home, doesn’t mean that they will be left entirely to their own accord. Independent senior living is all about finding a good middle ground between independence and great quality care. Here are some ways that you can offer support to your loved ones whilst they are living independently. 

Monitoring devices 

A great way to keep an eye on your loved ones, without feeling too intrusive, is to place a monitoring device in their home. These devices often include a ‘help’ button, which can be pressed when assistance is needed. Monitoring devices are monitored for 24 hours a day and will pick up on anything from a stubbed toe to a major fall. If the device does suspect a fall, help will be given to your loved one as soon as possible. This is a great solution to keeping seniors safe as it can be difficult to reach for a phone and call for help when an older person falls over. 


Companions are carers who will visit your loved one, in their home, daily. This is a great option for busy families who may not have time to visit their older relatives every single day. Senior companions will ensure that your loved ones are comfortable and well and will also provide daily activities to keep your loved one entertained. Carers may simply sit with your family members to keep them company or maybe take them to the local corner shop to buy things that they may need. Having a carer for your loved one will reduce the task of having to provide daily care yourself. 

24-hour care

After a while, your loved one may start to require a higher level of care. This still doesn’t mean that they have to leave home. It is possible to provide 24-hour care to your elderly relative, while they live in their own home. 24-hour care may be needed after surgery, after a fall or during a time that is particularly difficult for your loved one. If you opt for 24-hour care, a caregiver will be on call to deliver any care that your loved one may need during this time. This could be anything from general companionship to bathroom assistance. The carers are well-trained to deliver the best quality services, no matter what the circumstances may be. 

We offer a fantastic range of in-home care services that are designed to keep your loved ones living independently for as long as possible. To find out more about the services that we offer, get in contact with our team today.