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1131 Prairie Dr #100, Racine, Wisconsin 53406 Coronavirus update

Why Your Family May Need Home Care

Comfort Keepers In-Home Care in Racine, Wisconsin.

Home Caregiver in Racine, WI Provided by Comfort Keepers: Why Your Family May Need Home Care

Comfort Keepers home caregivers in Racine, WI provide early signs of loved ones if they need help

While the New Year is already off to a good start, you may still have some resolutions that you want to meet, but one of the most overlooked resolutions is an at-home caregiver for seniors and it can be really beneficial to families and the individual. Below, the experts at Comfort Keepers Home Caregiver will help you learn some of the warning signs that may indicate your loved one could use in-home care.

Frequent Injuries and Falls

In the event that you notice your loved one has unexplained marks, bruises, or cuts, it may mean that they are falling down and injuring themselves. This can be a serious safety risk, especially if they are not telling you and trying to hide it. Frequent falls and injuries can mean that your loved one is having trouble moving around and may be in need of help. Comfort Keepers Home Caregiver can assist your beloved senior with mobility.

A decline in Personal Hygiene

You may start to notice that your loved one stops bathing or brushing their teeth. While you may be turned off by the idea, it does happen, and it usually indicates that your loved one may suffer from a cognitive impairment or they may be struggling with a coordination and mobility disorder.

Chronic Health Condition

If your loved one has been diagnosed with a chronic health condition such as arthritis, diabetes, a heart condition, or osteoporosis, they will likely need full-time in-home care to assist them with their day to day life and activities. At Comfort Keepers Home Care, we provide your loved one with the assistance they need. Our caregivers will be there to work with you and your loved one to ensure they make it to their doctor’s appointments and more.

Change in Personality

You may start to notice that your loved one’s personality takes a change for the worse. They may become irritable, upset, or angry and they may withdraw from their favorite activities. Sometimes, this is due to a lack of companionship during the day or night and the team at Comfort Keepers Home Caregiver can assist with that. We provide companionship services for all seniors.

It can be difficult to come to the realization that your loved one needs help in their home, but it may be the right choice for them. If you would like to learn more about how your loved one can benefit from the Comfort Keepers Home Caregiver services, call our office today at (262) 299-0320.