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Home Care Aides Preferred By 90 Percent Of Elderly

Comfort Keepers In-Home Care in San Antonio, Texas.

Elderly Choose Home Care Aides to Other Care Alternatives

The New York Times says 80 to 90 percent of the elderly prefer to stay in their own home than nursing homes.

Many elderly, those over 65 years old who need assistance in their daily lives, want to maintain a certain level of independence in their old age. Unfortunately, the older one gets, the more assistance they may need in their living situations. That’s where home care aides in San Antonio, TX can help.

Family members have a hard time taking care of their loved ones as they grow older, as family members are often busy with their work and children. The elderly who need the attention of personal care the most are often put into nursing homes, but seniors overwhelmingly prefer to have home care aides that can provide assistance in their own homes.

A New York Times article states, “When asked, 80 to 90 percent of older people say they want to remain in their own homes as long as possible.” It makes sense; they have created a home where they are comfortable and have lasting memories of their life. So one of the best and easiest ways to maintain this feeling of independence in their later years is with a little help from Comfort Keepers home care aids. These individuals assist seniors with going to the bathroom, bathing, dressing, light housekeeping, preparing and serving meals, and even some light exercises to engage the mind and body, like playing board games or taking them for a walk in the park.

These activities can often become cumbersome or laborious for those who are dealing with the effects of an aging body and mind, especially if the elderly are dealing with injuries or other age-related issues like Alzheimer’s.  Thus home care aids can be that person that comes into their home to help them, providing comfort, instead of the seniors having to leave their homes, often causing discomfort.

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