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Specialized Care

We create individualized plans of care for seniors based on their needs and personality.

End-of-Life Care in Lubbock, TX, and the Surrounding Areas

Nothing beats Comfort Keepers' compassion and end-of-life care when families in greater Lubbock, TX, need it the most.

Spending a loved one's final days at home can be extremely difficult and distressing. Comfort Keepers are here to provide you with comfort care in Lubbock, TX, and the surrounding areas. Please get in touch with our office at (806) 228-7359.

We provide families with the resources and tools they need to make the most of their time together. Comfort Keepers is a corporation that offers services other than in-home care. Our specially trained caregivers provide compassion, moral support, and housekeeping assistance during tough times. Comfort Keepers caregivers may give a level of care that helps preserve a loved one's dignity while still providing a quality of life found only at home. We're also here to help family and friends struggling with the emotional strains and additional time commitment.

We will assist with your loved one's end-of-life care and around the house and provide emotional and moral support to the family. The end of a person's life is painful for everyone concerned, but Comfort Keepers' services can assist family caregivers.

Respite Care is Provided

As we all know, caring for a loved one nearing death can be emotionally and physically draining, especially for the primary caregiver and family. As a temporary break, our caregivers can provide assistance to those who are already providing care for loved ones. Burnout or irritation can happen if you don't get enough rest and don't get enough sleep. This gives you the chance to recharge, go to work, run errands, or just take a break. Respite care can be provided at home or in a facility such as a nursing home, hospital, or senior center. 

How We Can Help

Comfort Keepers has built a reputation for providing high-quality end-of-life care and sensitive help to families for more than two decades. We want to help family members make the most of their time with a loved one while also relieving the daily stress of long-term care so they can focus on their own lives.

Comfort Keepers' end-of-life care staff builds individualized and compassionate senior care programs for each client, family, and scenario to ensure superior quality of care. We frequently communicate with family members, hospice professionals, and other care providers, adapting care and end-of-life care services to the client's changing requirements during this difficult time.

If a family requires assistance after a loved one has died, we can continue to help them deal with their grief, life decisions, and many of the responsibilities that will be required of them. We are here to help lessen the hardships that a family may be through, from personal item consolidation and organization to relocating possessions or simply being there to chat to.

Compassionate Hospice Assistance

Our purpose is to help and soothe you and your loved one, as well as to help families make the most of their limited time together. In addition to respite care, we offer companionship and personal care, such as:

  • Bathing and toileting assistance
  • Assisting with daily routines such as clothes and grooming, as well as light house-cleaning and laundry as needed
  • Meal preparation and eating time are carried out concurrently.
  • Allow your loved one to be your companion so that you can take a well-deserved rest.
  • We teach our caregivers to be sensitive while being professional, providing soothing confidence amid the ups and downs of dying.

Schedule a Free Consultation Today

Do you reside in Lubbock, TX, or the surrounding regions and need End-of-Life care? Comfort Keepers' End-of-Life Care can assist. To learn more about what our customized care programs can do for you and your family, contact our in-home care service now at (806) 228-7359 to schedule a free consultation. One of our care consultants will be delighted to meet with you for a no-cost consultation to discuss your specific needs, schedule, and budget.