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Lubbock, Texas
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Our Caregivers

Our caregivers are screened for empathy, trained in senior care, and matched for client compatibility.

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Our Caregivers in Lubbock, TX and the Surrounding Area

Learn more about our caregivers helping your loved one in Lubbock

The heart and soul of every Comfort Keepers caregiver is genuine empathy for the senior community. We combine connection and care to ensure your loved one has a caregiver specifically for their needs.

Comfort Keepers are selected based on aptitude and screening. Because our goal is to keep your senior independent, we ensure our clients have a positive experience based on their wellbeing and health. When your senior lives a better life, we know we did our job the right way. 

Not only do they provide companionship, but they also do many other personal care activities like light cleaning, cooking healthy meals, and even running errands. 

Interactive Caregiving is a huge part of our care. This allows your senior to become more socially connected to others so they do feel isolated. 

We know your senior is an individual with specific needs and wants. That’s why we create a customized plan for your independent loved one. This creates a positive environment to better their emotional, mental, physical, and social health. 

Comfort Keepers caregivers undergo a rigorous interview process and background check. We have strict hiring processing.

Our Comfort Keepers are:

  • Screened for empathy
  • Trained to provide the best quality of life care for seniors and other adults that need assistance at home
  • Matched for client compatibility
  • Bonded, insured, and covered by workers’ compensation
  • Subject to a rigorous interview process, including national background checks and professional reference reviews
  • Focused on Interactive Caregiving™, which means caregivers do things with the client when possible, instead of for them, to keep clients engaged and active
  • Employees, not contractors

Why is Interactive Caregiving™ important?

Interactive Caregiving™ incorporates all parts of the human experience. We care for the mind, body, and soul of your independent senior. We use every available moment to connect and elevate your senior. This gives your relative the feeling of belonging and purpose. It also provides a way for senior and caregiver to bond and form a lasting relationship. 

Social media and technology are a big part of staying connected to family and friends. We assist your senior in maintaining relationships with their support system. Keeping family members updated on their senior’s progress is another way we support our clients. 

To find out how Comfort Keepers caregivers support seniors and their families in the Lubbock area, contact us today! 

Give us a call at (806) 228-7359 to learn more!