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Specialized Care

We create individualized plans of care for seniors based on their needs and personality.

24 Hour Senior Care Services in Katy, TX

Do you have a senior loved one who could benefit from full-time home care services?


Residential care in familiar surroundings is far more effective than having a loved one or family member in a nursing home or other long-term care home or assisted living facility. 


At Comfort Keepers based in Katy, TX we understand that your senior loved one may need around-the-clock, 24 hour home care services. Our 24 hr home care offering can help ensure that your loved one always has access to the companionship and personal care services that they need.  As a leader in the home care industry, Comfort Keepers in-home care can assist with your senior loved one who may wander or sleepwalk, and need consistent monitoring throughout the day and night. Do not lose hope! Even if your senior loved one needs professional home health care we can help to keep them in the comfort of their own home. 


Comfort Keepers in Katy, TX does not believe in a one size fits all care plan. We know that each senior has their own unique care needs, such as Alzheimer's care or Dementia care. Personalized care services are key to providing the best 24 hour home care to your loved one and our care providers craft a 24hr care plan that keeps your loved one's special needs at the forefront while giving you the opportunity to care for your family and maintain a proper work/life balance.  Do you think your loved one could benefit from around the clock home instead senior care?


24-hour home care by Comfort Keepers, Katy | Live-in Care


Comfort Keepers 24-hour Care versus Traditional Live-in Care Service


Comfort Keepers provides one-to-one 24/7 round the clock care for our clients. This achieves the same goal as a traditional live-in care provider but goes above and beyond standard live-in home care. By having a qualified care team working multiple shifts instead of one live-in caregiver working in 24-hour shifts, Comfort Keepers 24-hour care system provides broader coverage since a team can switch out members.  


Contact us to schedule an in-home consultation and learn more about the good work we do for your loved ones, and how we can provide quality and loving 24-hour in-home care services to your loved ones. 


Comfort Keepers is a home care company located in Katy, TX serves the communities of Katy and surrounding areas.  


Trusted Home Care For Seniors in Katy & West Houston, TX and the Surrounding Areas


Comfort Keepers Offers a full range of home care options including in-home companionship and personal care services to support independent senior daily living at home 24 hours a day in Katy and the surrounding areas in Texas. If you are looking for 24-hour care for a loved one or family member and have questions about what it is like to have a home health caregiver work a 24hr homecare shift, contact one of our care coordinators. Comfort Keepers of Katy is a great company, a home care agency with the best home care solutions that focus on the well being and special needs of your loved one.


Comfort Keepers’ 24 hour senior care meets the needs of aging people who require a full-time care services


Katy is a small Texan city, with less than twenty thousand inhabitants. A big percentage of its population is made of people aged 65 or more, whose children are often living far away. As those people get older, they find it difficult to cope with the challenges that old age brings, which is why many of them decide to leave their Katy homes and move into a nursing home in Houston.


However, leaving their home in this quiet part of South Texas is not something the seniors wish. Instead, they would prefer to age in the comforts their own home, in the place where they have spent some of the best moments of their lives. But, what if the senior can’t live on their own anymore? Is there an alternative to moving into an old people’s home? The answer is yes, and Comfort Keepers of Katy, TX is here to help.


Hiring Comfort Keepers professional caregivers to provide 24 hour senior care will ensure your senior loved one has attentive help with all the daily living tasks they can’t handle on their own.


Depending on the health of the senior client, these services can include everything from helping out with light housekeeping duties to providing aid with personal care tasks. Basically, Comfort Keepers are there to take care of all the work needed for your senior to remain healthy and happy at home.


Comfort Keepers’ 24 hour senior care is especially recommended for those seniors who are bedridden or suffering from a chronic illness. If mom or dad has issues with mobility, they need someone to assist them with things like bathing, toileting, and meal preparation.


Furthermore, 24 hour senior care also includes things like medication management, which can be essential for those seniors who are in the process of recovery from an illness or a surgery. Our home care agency can also log how your senior loved one reacts to certain medications, thus ensuring no side effects go unnoticed and the proper medical attention is sought if needed.


All of these factors make Comfort Keepers one of the best senior care agencies throughout West Houston, TX. If you would like more information about how your loved one could benefit from in home care, contact us or call (281) 978-2600 today.




Trusted Care For Seniors in Katy, TX and
the Surrounding Areas

Offering a full range of in home companionship and personal care services to support independent senior living
at home in Katy, Houston and the surrounding areas in Texas