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Holiday Stress Management

Comfort Keepers In-Home Care in Nashville, Tennessee.

Holiday Stress and Travel Help from an In Home Caregiver in Nashville

How can an in home caregiver assist loved ones in Nashville or the surrounding area during the holiday season?

The winter holidays are celebrations that bring friends and families together to eat, drink, play, and spend quality time with each other. For seniors, these celebrations are often greatly anticipated as a chance to bring family members together, but the holidays can also bring about physical and emotional stressors. With help from an in home caregiver, you can be sure that your aging loved one remains happy and healthy throughout the winter season.

Seniors, especially those with health needs, often rely on routine to help them stay healthy. Routines like taking medication at the same time every day, planning meals that meet dietary restrictions, moving around the house throughout the day, and resting at certain times all play a part in keeping seniors healthy for longer. Over the holidays, each of these routines can be disrupted.

At Comfort Keepers, we know the winter holidays are an important time of year to bring families together. An in home caregiver can help make sure that your aging loved one can be with you, and also taken care of, while you celebrate. A caregiver can provide continuity to your aging loved one’s day by continuing to provide medication reminders, helping to modify recipes or meals to meet your loved one’s needs, and making sure their mobility and rest needs are cared for.

Traveling During the Holidays

Holiday travel can be especially stressful for seniors. Whether you’re traveling by plane, train, car, or bus, seniors will need extra time and extra preparation in order to travel safely. Remember that seniors may be more affected by cold weather, and should always have a coat adequate for the weather wherever they travel. Seniors may also be more impacted by different or uncomfortable seating, as it affects posture, circulation, and joints. Bringing an extra pillow or blanket and helping your loved one reposition frequently can help with these needs.

Family members acting as caregivers over the holidays may become exhausted by the competing needs of your aging loved one and other family members, friends, and holiday activities. An in home caregiver can provide respite for these family caregivers, and work with their needs and schedules to be sure that the level of care your loved one needs will always be provided.

No matter how your family celebrates, your aging loved ones can be a part of it with help from an in home caregiver at Comfort Keepers. With a little help, you can make sure that your senior family members can maintain their good health and happiness even with disruption to routine or travel during the winter months.

To learn more about how Comfort Keepers can assist your family, contact our office serving Nashville and surrounding areas or call (615) 219-5126.