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Seniors That Are Dealing With Hearing Loss

Comfort Keepers In-Home Care in Memphis, Tennessee.

Senior Care for People with Hearing Loss in Greater Memphis, TN

Learn how our senior care providers are able to help your loved ones that are dealing with hearing loss in Memphis, Collierville, Germantown, and neighboring communities

Seniors in Memphis, TN may not want to admit that they are suffering from hearing loss. But if you notice that they no longer like to shop at their favorite stores like Trader Joe’s or get out to shop at Wolfchase Galleria it might be because they are having trouble hearing and don’t want to show it. Avoiding crowded public places can be a symptom of hearing loss in seniors.

Home Care Can Help

Home care services experts know that one of the main contributing factors to why hearing loss is often ignored is the fact that it happens slowly over time most often. A person may start losing their hearing as early as 40-years-old but the progression may be very gradual. Sooner than later, they may find themselves not being able to hear at all.

Caregivers can help seniors that are suffering from hearing loss by helping them navigate through stores and public places safely. If you have a parent or senior loved one that showing these symptoms of hearing loss, senior care may be able to help your senior loved one:

There are a number of ways to assess if your loved one is experiencing hearing loss. Do they ask you to repeat words often? Are they increasingly less able to communicate over the phone? Have they suddenly started speaking much more loudly than is normal for them? Do they blast the TV or radio to uncomfortable volumes?

Senior care professionals know that all of these are pretty surefire indicators of hearing loss but they often go overlooked.

In order to best advocate for your loved ones and get them the medical and non-medical assistance they need, you must first be able to communicate accurately with them. There are a few tricks to doing so. You should always get your loved one's attention and have them face you directly when talking. If they have poor vision, make sure they are wearing glasses or contacts. Do not yell, but do speak more slowly. Furthermore, be ready to repeat things as many times as possible to ensure your loved one understands.

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If you are worried about your senior parent or love one in Memphis, TN, and want to find out more about care for people with hearing loss call us today. One of our experienced caregivers will be happy to answer your questions and talk about senior care services for your senior loved one.