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Driving and Your Aging Loved Ones

Comfort Keepers In-Home Care in Spartanburg, South Carolina.

Senior Care Assistance from Comfort Keepers in Spartanburg, SC

Comfort Keepers senior care assistance providers talk about how to help you loved ones drive as long as they possibly can in Spartanburg, SC, and the surrounding areas

Do you remember the feeling when you passed your driving test and had the freedom to go anywhere you wanted to and whenever you wanted to? That same feeling will exist your whole life, even when you are older. When getting older, driving becomes a riskier activity for your senior loved ones for multiple reasons, some including eyesight, range of motion, and pain is some limbs. This should not cause them to stop driving right away. While driving is one of the first signs of freedom when we were younger, seniors want to keep driving for as long as possible. While making small changes to daily activities, senior loved ones are able to drive safely and keep that feeling of freedom. Here are some tips from our senior care assistance providers to keep your loved ones driving as long as possible.

  • Stay Active – When you exercise every day, it will help you increase flexibility and overall strength. When you increase both your flexibility and strength, this will make turning your head checking for traffic and turning the steering wheel easier
  • Have Your Eyes Checked – If you have been putting off going to the eye doctor, it’s time to make the appointment. Getting your glasses replaced or getting checked for eye diseases can make a huge difference in driving
  • Schedule a Hearing Test – While eyes are an important part of driving, so is hearing. Receive a hearing check to make sure that your ears are working and to see if hearing aides are required
  • Adjust as Necessary – It may be time to start looking into buying a new car. Cars with backup cameras, power window and locks, and other helping features will be able to help you while driving
  • Plan Ahead – Driving during rush hours, either in the morning or afternoon, is hard and dangerous for any driver, regardless of age. Also, it is challenging to drive during the night. Plan ahead while driving as it may make all the difference while driving during easier time slots.

Let Comfort Keepers Lend a Hand

When you think you may need home care, our senior care assistance offers personalized care services that are made specifically to fit your loved one's needs. Whether your loved ones need 24 hour home care or just a couple of hours of care a week, we are able to help. We also offer transportation services for your loved ones that are not able to drive. If you’re interested in home care services and utilizing senior care assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us either through our website or call us at (864) 485-9129.