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Starting the Conversation

Comfort Keepers In-Home Care in Anderson, South Carolina.

Hiring a Personal Home Care Service in Anderson, SC and the Surrounding Area

Learn how you can start the conversation about working with a personal home care service for your Anderson loved one.

Starting the care conversation with a loved one can be difficult and uncomfortable. Yet, putting it off will only make things more challenging when the time for service and support becomes a necessity. Having the conversation sooner rather than later also helps ensure that loved ones have the personal home care service they need in place as they grow older.

While starting the conversation may never be easy, here are a few suggestions that can make it less painful and more productive.

  • Be open and honest. The senior care conversation is not something you want to spring on a loved one out of the blue when they were expecting something different. In other words, don't invite your loved one over for a party or to watch the game and ambush them with a discussion about care.
  • Choose your location wisely. For many seniors, discussing care is not something they want to do in a restaurant or public venue. This is a private conversation that is best had in a safe and comfortable location like the senior's own home or the home of a family member.
  • Have a clear leader. Even if several family members are involved in the discussion, one family member should be the leader. If not, it may appear to the senior that everybody is ganging up on them. While other members should voice support, it should be clear that one person is the spokesperson. In the same vein, family members should have talked about the content of the meeting beforehand so there is no disagreement during the conversation.
  • Show support. The conversation may seem uncomfortable but the fact that you are there and show concern matters. Taking the time to be there and open yourself up shows that you are willing to be part of the solution and care about the senior's well-being.
  • Be prepared. Do your research before the meeting and have a plan or two in mind. Being able to discuss personal home care service options from an informed standpoint will lessen anxiety and inspire confidence. Pointing out that there is a problem but not having a solution will only cause your loved one more stress. Comfort Keepers understands that starting the conversation is hard and there are many questions to answer. If you need help gathering information, preparing answers, or thinking about options, a care coordinator will gladly answer any questions or concerns.

In short, a personal home care service conversation may be difficult, but it is better to have it when your loved one is of sound mind and body. This way, they can have a voice in the type and extent of care that they wish to receive. Your loved one will appreciate this consideration. For more information, give Comfort Keepers a call today.