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354 NE Greenwood Ave #204, Bend, Oregon 97701 Coronavirus update

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Comfort Keepers Offers Meal Preparation As Part Of Home Senior Care Services

Keep your senior loved one healthy with delicious meal preparation

What we eat plays a major role in keeping us healthy. Following a healthy diet can have numerous positive effects on our well-being. It can prevent health conditions, improve the symptoms of chronic conditions, boost mood, strengthen bones, enhance the look of our skin and hair, and more.

Eating a well-balanced, nutritious diet is particularly important in senior years. Choosing unhealthy, processed foods in golden years can have a detrimental effect on health, especially in older adults diagnosed with heart conditions, diabetes, and other diseases that are commonly found in the senior population.

Keeping all of this in mind, our home senior care services always include meal preparation, allowing our clients to reap all the benefits of eating a diet that is good for them.

Our meal preparation service begins with meal planning. We know that every senior has unique dietary needs and taste, so it is important to get to know what food our clients love, what food they don't want to see on their plate, and what food they need to avoid.

When we start working with your loved one, we will talk to them about their food preferences as well as any food recommendations and guidelines provided by their medical team. Once our home senior care providers have an idea of what your loved one needs and wants to eat, we proceed to meal planning.

We can plan meals for your loved one on a weekly basis, proposing delicious, health-improving recipes in accordance with their taste. Your loved one can browse recipes with their home senior care provider, which can allow the two to form a bond and spend quality time together.

After developing a meal plan, our caregivers can help with grocery shopping - they can either go alone or accompany your loved one. We encourage our clients to take part in their care as it can enable them to stay mentally and physically active.

When the necessary groceries are bought and properly stored in your loved one's kitchen and pantry, the fun part begins! Our home senior care providers can cook alone or they can cook with your loved one. For many seniors, meal preparation is an enjoyable activity, so if your loved one would like to be involved, our caregivers will find a safe way for them to participate.

Once the meal is ready, your parent's caregiver can keep them company during meal time, turning it into a fun social activity. After your loved one is done eating, the caregiver will make sure to clean the kitchen and leave it in spotless condition.

For more information about our meal preparation service, please contact us today! We are happy to be of service!