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Call (918) 205-1756 | 10810 E 45th St #310, Tulsa, Oklahoma 74146 Coronavirus update
10810 E 45th St #310, Tulsa, Oklahoma 74146 Coronavirus update

Aerobic Exercises For Seniors

Comfort Keepers In-Home Care in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Senior In-Home Care & Aerobic Exercises in Tulsa, OK

The importance of exercise for all ages in senior in-home care cannot be overstated, however, it can be very challenging for seniors. In order to get in their regular activity and keep their heart rate up, seniors should try aerobics.

There are four areas that aerobics covers: endurance, strength, flexibility, and balance. It is also important to make sure that your loved one speaks with a doctor before starting any aerobics routine.

Senior In-Home Care Assists with the Following Aerobic Exercises:

  • Walking:
    Probably the easiest form of aerobics for endurance, walking is excellent for cardiovascular health. Make sure your loved one stretches after walking to avoid potential injuries or soreness.
  • Water Aerobics:
    Water aerobics is also good for cardiovascular health, although it is for strength-training. Muscle strength and pain relief are both positive effects that water aerobics provides, due to the resistance and buoyancy of water.
  • Yoga:
    A combination of the four areas of aerobics, yoga improves bone strength and blood pressure while helping to maintain weight. Yoga is also accessible, able to be done at home, or at the gym.
  • Tai Chi:
    Focusing on flexibility and balance, Tai Chi is a meditative exercise that is very popular among seniors. Because of the slow movements, Tai Chi is good for joint pain and doesn’t cause tension.

Allow Comfort Keepers® to Help

At Comfort Keepers® in Tulsa, OK, we will ensure that your loved one establishes an aerobics routine that will improve overall health. This will be overseen by one of our senior in-home caregivers, who will do whatever it takes to assist your loved one. Our Comfort Keepers® senior in-home care professionals will allow your loved one to remain independent while creating a healthy and positive lifestyle.

To find out more about our caregivers and how they can help promote an active lifestyle or any of our other services, call us at (918) 205-1756 or contact us.