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What are the Risks of Working as a Caregiver “Under the Table”?

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While it may seem tempting to work for cash and avoid having taxes deducted from your paycheck, the risks substantially outweigh the benefits. Here are a few risks to consider before stepping into a position that puts you in danger of breaking the law.

  1. You could be prosecuted for tax fraud and owe sizable back taxes, interest, and fines.

  1. Your social security benefit will be significantly lower than expected because it is based on how much you pay into it. This could put you in a difficult position later in life where you cannot afford to support yourself in retirement.

  1. Your rights as a worker under Department of Labor regulations could easily be violated in areas such as unreasonably long shifts, no overtime, etc.

  1. Since you will be responsible for getting paid for your work and on time, this can result in some uncomfortable situations.

  1. You will not have a management team to rely on for expertise, problem resolution, and advocacy.

  1. You won’t benefit from a competent nurse when medical issues arise, putting both you and the client at risk.

  1. You could be pressured into performing tasks such as administering medicines, giving shots, or wound care that is illegal if you are not a licensed nurse and do not have a doctor’s order.

  1. Without training and competency testing, this creates the potential of doing harm and being held accountable for it legally.

  1. If clients or family members harass or mistreat you, you will not have the protection of a devoted support team.

  1. If you get sick, go on vacation, or need a personal day, this will put your job in jeopardy.

  1. Should a client’s money, property, or person be harmed, you will not have Bonding and Liability Insurance to cover damages.

  1. You will not have the documentation and witnesses to ensure you cannot be falsely accused of stealing or exploiting your senior clients. This is usually not an issue until the senior becomes incapacitated or passes away, as they will no longer be available to verify that every transaction was legitimate.

  1. Should something happen to a client, you could be left without hours and income.

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Working as a caregiver “under the table” is fraught with risks. However, at Comfort Keepers of the Mid-Ohio Valley, we offer our caregivers a fulfilling career where they enjoy a variety of benefits and avoid these risks. If you consider yourself a friendly person and want to make a difference in your community, we are happy to welcome you into our family. Apply for a caregiver position in the Mid-Ohio Valley with Comfort Keepers today!