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Customized In-Home Care Services and Solutions

Expert Post-Hospital Care in the Mid-Ohio Valley

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When your senior loved one is discharged from the hospital following a serious injury, illness, or health problem, the transition to bringing them home and ensuring their comfort can be a challenging process. Throughout this period, individuals may experience what is known as post-hospital syndrome, a vulnerable phase that can endure for up to seven weeks following the initial discharge. During this time, they face an increased risk of readmission if they do not receive the necessary care in the comfort of their own homes.

Relatives will frequently assume the responsibility of assisting a cherished individual but realize they may not meet the physical and emotional obstacles in addition to their everyday responsibilities. This is why Comfort Keepers is pleased to offer a helping hand, delivering in-home senior care to facilitate your loved one's transition back home and support them in maintaining their daily routines.

What is Post-Hospital Care?

Seniors should adhere to the guidance provided by their doctor once they are discharged from the medical facility. Upon arriving back home, it is imperative that they follow their prescribed medications, remain vigilant of any possible complications, and ensure they attend all appointments for proper follow-up care.

In some circumstances, seniors may be unable to care for themselves independently while recovering from their hospitalization. They may need the assistance of a caregiver who can offer in-home support, tend to their wounds, cook meals, ensure proper cleanliness, and assist with movement. As your senior loved one heals in the comfort of their home and gains back their strength, our post-hospital care services are here to provide support.

How Can Post-Hospital Care Reduce the Risk of Readmission?

Studies indicate that 20% of seniors who are released from the hospital will be readmitted within a month. Seniors who find themselves re-hospitalized during this 30-day period have a notably decreased chance of achieving full recovery.

Avoidable rehospitalizations can be prevented by adhering to the doctor’s recommendations. However, seniors may encounter challenges or even impossibilities in carrying out essential daily activities following surgery, severe injury, or illness. For them to effectively comply with the doctor's instructions, seniors require external assistance and support from an in-home caregiver. 

By following their doctor's plan, seniors will not only regain their quality of life but also see a substantial enhancement. Throughout the entire process, you can have peace of mind knowing that your beloved family member is receiving top-notch care from a team of skilled caregivers with Comfort Keepers. Not only will you be able to complete your daily obligations, but you can also cherish precious moments with your loved one without any worries.

Comfort Keepers is here to assist and support you and your cherished family member throughout the recovery process with utmost care. We are accessible round the clock, every day of the week, to provide our unwavering assistance.

Comfort Keepers Post-Hospital Care Services in the Mid-Ohio Valley

Comfort Keepers often collaborate with physicians, physical therapists, and other healthcare practitioners to offer seniors diverse care choices that promote a speedy recovery within the comfort of their homes.

Our compassionate Comfort Keepers caregivers ensure that our seniors transition from the hospital to their residences safely, securely, and upliftingly. Our caregivers provide the following services for post-hospital care:

  • Patient Monitoring and Communication: Comfort Keepers will guarantee continuous communication with family members and healthcare providers to keep everyone updated on the advancements in recovery.

  • Respite Care: Our compassionate caregivers are here to step in whenever you or other primary caregivers need a break. We will take on all responsibilities while you take a well-deserved pause and recharge, ensuring your senior loved one receives the necessary care they deserve.

  • Personal Care: After undergoing surgery and extended hospital stays, it is typical for seniors to encounter weakness and restricted mobility, leading to difficulties in grooming and bathing. Our empathetic caregivers are skilled in providing vital support with personal hygiene, guaranteeing that you or your cherished family member can effortlessly dress and prepare for the day ahead.

  • Companionship: It is not unusual for seniors undergoing the healing process following a surgical procedure to experience feelings of depression or become discouraged. Comfort Keepers is dedicated to offering sympathetic companionship and participating in activities that bring joy and satisfaction to the lives of seniors.

  • Medication Reminders: Caregivers will gather prescriptions and other essential items, and we can kindly remind seniors to take their medication on time.

Our Post-Hospital Caregivers

Our kind caregivers have a wealth of experience helping seniors maintain their independence, feeling of community, and general well-being. At Comfort Keepers, we are committed to improving our seniors' quality of life, fostering their safety, and encouraging them to participate in meaningful activities, whether by helping them get to follow-up appointments or cooking nourishing meals.

Aside from being extensively trained to offer post-hospital care services, our empathetic caregivers are ready to assist your senior loved one with any tasks they may require. This includes light housekeeping, laundry, cooking meals, and assisting with personal grooming and hygiene.

Our compassionate caregivers will work closely with you, your cherished senior, and their existing care team to create a personalized post-hospital care plan that caters to their specific requirements during their recovery journey at home. 

In addition to our standard companion and personal care services, Comfort Keepers can personalize our services to meet the needs of seniors who are in the process of recovering and have particular medical conditions, such as cognitive decline, terminal illnesses, or chronic ailments

Comfort Keepers Can Support Your Senior Loved One's Recovery

If you are looking to improve your senior loved one's physical, mental, and emotional needs on a daily basis, you can depend on Comfort Keepers' in-home care services for after-hospital stays in Marietta, Vienna, Parkersburg, and the nearby regions. Find comfort in knowing that your loved one can regain their strength and well-being in the familiar surroundings of their own home with our compassionate caregivers. Please don't hesitate to call us at (740) 373-7125 if you would want more details on the crucial assistance we can offer after your hospitalization.

In-Home Care Services

In-Home Care

By spending time with one of our caregivers, your loved one has a companion at the ready to help around the house, support healthy habits, and bring joy to everyday moments.

Specialized Care

We create individualized plans of care for seniors based on their needs and personality. We can provide 24-Hour Care, Memory Care, Post Hospital Care, End-of-Life Care and In-Facility Care.

Alzheimer's & Dementia Care

Comfort Keepers® is dedicated to preserving the happiness and independence of seniors living in their own homes.

Our Caregivers

Our caregivers are screened for empathy, trained in senior care, and matched for client compatibility.

Senior Health & Wellness

Caring for the whole person is at the center of our Interactive Caregiving philosophy. It’s a holistic approach that cares for mind, body, spirit, and well-being.

Respite Care

With respite care from Comfort Keepers, your loved one receives quality care and you receive a well-deserved break.


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