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Combating Isolation & Increasing Senior Social Wellness

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Chronic isolation is a significant risk for seniors and can lead to serious health conditions, including heart disease and dementia. In fact, a study from AARP even found that a lack of social contacts among older adults is associated with $6.7 billion in additional Medicare spending. One of the best ways to combat isolation is through socialization, which can support a healthier state of mind, both mentally and emotionally. Understanding why seniors become isolated helps to identify what types of support seniors will benefit from 

Reasons For Isolation

Lack of adequate transportation: The loss of a driver's license hinders many seniors immensely while a loss of mobility can even keep seniors from taking advantage of many forms of public transportation. It's not that transportation is not ADAAA compliant, but many seniors can no longer get to the bus stop or metro station in the first place. Also, cognitive or emotional challenges can make following a transportation schedule quite impossible. For this reason, Comfort Keepers provides local transportation support as an add-on service.  

Social situations have become incredibly stressful: Many times seniors do not understand why nobody seems to make sense anymore. Things don't sound right or look right. Too often, seniors who feel this way may be experiencing age-related degeneration including vision and hearing loss. Seniors often do not keep up with their vision checks and even fewer have their hearing checked regularly if at all. Yet, with a new pair of glasses or the support of a hearing aid, seniors can avoid isolation and re-enter their social circle with confidence. 

Seniors may feel uncomfortable or even embarrassed by age-related degeneration such as a loss of mobility, incontinence issues, or chronic pain. Sometimes, they may be afraid that they will be mocked for "getting old", and other times they are afraid of falling, getting hurt, or ending up in a location that has too many stairs, is without a bathroom, etc. 

How Comfort Keepers Can Help

At Comfort Keepers® , helping seniors live safe, healthy, and independent lives is our specialty. Our in-home caregivers in Vienna – all of whom are thoroughly screened, bonded, and insured – forge strong connections with clients through a unique approach called Interactive Caregiving™. 

Our trained caregivers believe in Elevating the Human SpiritSM by providing in-home assistance and daily moments of joy. Called Comfort Keepers® , our caregivers help clients follow a nutritionally sound eating plan, remind them to take prescribed medications, and work with their schedules so they can get enough sleep and exercise, which helps to improve outlook and positivity. 

Our goal, by providing equal parts caring, attention, and comfort, is to help seniors break free of social isolation so they can enjoy all that life offers

A Holistic Approach

Interactive Caregiving™ is our approach to home care in Vienna, WV. We focus our care to elevate the mind, body, nutrition, and safety of our clients. When our Comfort Keepers plan a day’s activities, they keep these four mainstays in mind.  

For clients who could benefit from companionship, our Comfort Keepers are there with the caring, nurturing support they need to open up and enjoy life. Caregivers work with our clients to help them improve their self-confidence, feel heard, and build genuine connections. 

When it comes to caring, “doing for” someone may get the task done, but “doing with” boosts the spirit and brings joy. It’s a holistic approach that promotes a positive, healthy outlook and an active approach to life. Give Comfort Keepers of Vienna a call today at (740) 373-7125 for more information.