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Respite Care
With respite care from Comfort Keepers®, your loved one receives quality care and you receive a well-deserved break.

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A Respite Care Program in Fargo, ND

Assistance for the family caregiver as well as their elderly loved one

It takes a lot of love and dedication to become a family caregiver for an elderly loved one. It often requires many hours of hard work. So many hours in fact, that it can start to feel like a full-time job and take as many hours out of your week.

Here's what the AARP found during a recent survey:

  • The average time spent caring for a loved one is approximately 24.4 hours
  • Family caregivers spend over 41 hours caring for a loved one
  • Partners spend an average of 44.6 hours caring for their spouse or partner

Our Program Has a Lot to Offer

There are so many good things to say about being a family caregiver. It gives you the chance to pay back the love and care you received as a younger person. At the same time, it can be the hardest job you'll ever love. When things seem to be on the way to becoming overwhelming, this is the perfect time to reach out for help. At Comfort Keepers of Fargo, ND, our caregivers and respite care program are here to step in and help.

As part of our program, our skilled professional caregivers arrive ready to help with many different homemaking and personal care tasks. Their only goal is to give you a chance to stop, catch your breath, and rest.

A Word About Our "Comfort Keepers"

To better understand our incredible team of caregivers, our "Comfort Keepers," let's take a look at what it takes to join our team. Our caregivers must have all required training and certifications, along with verifiable experience. They all go through a background check to ensure you, your family, and your loved ones feel safe at all times. They are also chosen for their compassionate and friendly personalities.

When the Time Comes

When the time comes to talk to your loved one about a respite care program that includes a professional caregiver, breaking the silence can be challenging, to say the least. Many seniors fear sharing their health and medical conditions with anyone outside of close family. On top of this, the idea of having a "stranger" in the house frightens some. Here are a few tips we thought might help you when you are ready to sit down with your loved one:

  • Be sure you listen to their concerns and points of view
  • Do your homework and be ready to offer a number of options and any potential senior care schedules
  • Be sure to emphasize the fact that you are not going to abandon them and that you will continue to be their primary family caregiver.
  • Use questions designed to guide your loved one to the "right" conclusion
  • Focus your conversations on the many benefits for both you and your loved one
  • You must realize you aren't likely to succeed after the first conversation
  • Make your questions as direct as possible
  • Choose the place and time to talk very carefully

Your Loved One Is In Good Hands

We know that, as the family caregiver, you know your job; you've probably been doing this for quite some time. You have an established routine between you and your loved one; each of you knows what to expect. How do you know if the caregiver you hire will keep this up? Our professional caregivers are ready to step in and do their best to follow your established routines. However, they are only there to help as needed, not to take over your role.

How Are You Going to Handle Tough Situations?

Have you thought about what you would do if there was a family emergency that required your immediate attention? What about being able to go to your doctor or dentist? Your job suddenly makes a change in your shift; now what are you going to do? The answer is simple: the caregiver that comes with our respite care program can be there whenever you need them, even if the only reason you do is that you need to take a nap.

Want to Find Out More

If you are interested in respite care and the professional caregivers who make it all work, the answers are only a phone call away. You can call Comfort Keepers of Fargo, ND, at (701) 237-0004 and talk to our agents. They can answer many of your questions and schedule your free care consultation with one of our senior care advisors to discuss your needs and those of your loved one. Working with you and the information collected, your advisor will work to create a care plan that meets everyone's needs.

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