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8000 Corporate Center Dr STE 111, Charlotte, North Carolina 28226 Coronavirus update

Transferring and Positioning

Senior Homecare From Comfort Keepers in Charlotte, NC, Includes Help With Transferring & Positioning

Our senior homecare services are designed to make your loved one’s life at home safer and more comfortable in Charlotte, NC, and the surrounding areas

As people age, moving freely around the house becomes a challenge for many. If an aging loved one in your life struggles with movements but has a strong desire to remain living independently at home, transferring and positioning services from Comfort Keepers can be an ideal solution for their situation.

Our trained senior homecare providers can physically assist your loved one in moving from one place or area of the house to another, reducing the risk of falls while making planned efforts to boost their overall quality of life.

Getting Safely from Point A to Point B

On a daily level, any elderly individual who continues to live home alone needs to move through different rooms without risk. For example, an aging adult will surely need to move from the bedroom to the bathroom in order to attend to their hygiene needs. Before that or afterward, they will also need to get to the kitchen to have something to eat or they might want to enter the living room to watch TV.

Our transferring and positioning services provide your Mom or Dad with the ability to move around their home as they please, aided by a loving senior homecare expert.

While numerous benefits can be associated with professional transferring assistance, the most significant ones include:

  • Reduced risk of falls and injury
  • Less temptation to refrain from certain basic tasks such as going to the toilet or getting a sandwich from the kitchen as necessary help is always at hand
  • Comfort of having a dedicated companion to help with chores and a friendly voice to talk to

Preventing Bed Sores

Bedsores, also known as pressure ulcers, are injuries formed on the skin caused by spending too much time in bed or chair without the possibility to reposition. Needless to say, bedsores present a major concern for aging adults who spend too much time sitting or lying down.

A senior homecare provider from Comfort Keepers who has been trained to provide positioning services can help your loved one frequently change positions in bed, thus eliminating the risk of bedsores that can cause pain and further complications.

Get in touch with our local office today at (704) 980-7620 to learn more about transferring and positioning and other senior homecare services we regularly provide in your area. Comfort Keepers is available non-stop to answer all your questions and schedule a free in-home consultation where we can discuss your needs in depth. We are here for you!

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