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8000 Corporate Center Dr STE 111, Charlotte, North Carolina 28226 Coronavirus update

Reducing Isolation

Comfort Keepers of Charlotte, NC In Home Senior Care Services and Isolation 

How in home senior care can provide social activity and relationship building in Charlotte, NC

In home senior care experts agree that isolation is a major problem for many seniors living alone at home. Risks of isolation include increased mortality rates, decreased physical and mental health and higher risk for dementia, elder abuse and long term illness. In order to ensure your senior family member or loved one does not experience these increased risk factors due to isolation, consider utilizing our specialized companion care services.  

Comfort Keepers Charlotte offers care services that provide companionship and social opportunities for seniors as well as assistive care. At the start of your journey with Comfort Keepers, a home care expert will do an assessment to determine what kind of care services are most appropriate for your loved one. Our care assessment also delves into your loved one’s personality, likes, interests and hobbies. This information is invaluable when selecting a caregiver match, which is essential to building rapport, trust and, ultimately friendship and close bonding.

Your loved one and his or her in home senior care provider will spend time talking, sharing stories, playing games, taking walks and running errands together. This allows your loved one’s basic needs to be met more safely and also provides a regular dose of socialization to keep loneliness at bay. Our care providers work to build trust with each client.

As a relationship with a care assistant grows, seniors often see their home helpers as confidants, someone to whom they can confide medical and personal concerns. This often results in earlier detection of illness or disease. Our care experts are also trained to take notice of each senior’s living conditions and are able to point out when something is not as it should be. They are also adept at providing helpful suggestions that can make navigating home life simpler.

If you or your loved one is struggling at home alone and would like options to limit the ill effects of isolation, Contact Comfort Keepers Charlotte today to learn more about the in home senior care services we can provide.