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8000 Corporate Center Dr STE 111, Charlotte, North Carolina 28226 Coronavirus update

Incontinence Care

In Home Health Care From Comfort Keepers in the Charlotte, NC Area, Includes Incontinence Care

Discover the difference our in home health care can make in your loved one's life in Charlotte, NC

Urinary incontinence is by definition the loss of bladder control, whose severity varies from case to case. It ranges from milder cases when there is an occasional urine leak during coughing or sneezing to more severe cases where the affected individual gets such a strong urge to urinate that they cannot make it to the toilet in time. As you can see, this can be a very embarrassing problem and one that can result in social withdrawal and loneliness. Comfort Keepers in Charlotte, NC, can help!

While incontinence is prevalent in older adults, it is not considered a necessary part of aging. Indeed, there are many seniors who do not have issues with bladder control, but there are some whose daily lives are tremendously affected by it. The good news is that incontinence can be successfully managed in most cases. As in home health care experts suggest, for the majority of affected people, all it takes is to make some simple lifestyle changes and receive adequate therapy for the problem to go away.

Easily Dealing with an Embarrassing Problem

Due to the nature of the issue, incontinence is rarely talked about. A lot of older adults with incontinence are so embarrassed by the problem that they do not even want to admit they have it. Naturally, ignoring it will not make it go away, so it is important to address any bladder control issues on time and get your loved one the right help.

At Comfort Keepers in home health care agency, we help seniors with incontinence and provide assistance with daily hygiene. Our caregivers build strong relationships with their clients, making assistance with personal care and hygiene more comfortable and less embarrassing.

Potential Side Effects

Incontinence often develops as a side effect of medications seniors are taking for other conditions. It is important to talk to your loved one’s physician if they get incontinence after they are introduced to a new medication. If the medication is causing incontinence, the problem can be easily solved.

However, incontinence may also be a sign of an underlying issue that needs to be addressed in order for it to stop. With an in home health care provider helping your loved one, you can easily keep track of incontinence incidents, which can help their medical team determine what is causing it.

Part of a Comprehensive Care Plan

Incontinence care is just one piece of the puzzle known as in home health care. Our caregivers can assist your loved one in a number of other ways, from cleaning their home and preparing healthy meals to driving them to doctor’s appointments and keeping them company during social outings.

Our care plans are personalized to meet the needs of each client we serve, so your loved one can choose the services they could benefit from and add or remove services over time, depending on their health and other factors.

Please contact us today at (704) 980-7620 to learn more about our incontinence care and other services. We are happy to help any way that we can!

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