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8000 Corporate Center Dr STE 111, Charlotte, North Carolina 28226 Coronavirus update

Dealing With Chronic Pain

Comfort Keepers In-Home Care in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Comfort Keepers In Home Caregivers Can Help Seniors With Chronic Pain in Charlotte, NC and the Surrounding Areas

How in home caregivers can help with regular pain mediation

Chronic pain can be one of the most difficult health problems to treat effectively. There are often multiple remedies being prescribed at once, specific dosages or times to take a medication, physical therapy or exercises, nutritional advice, and more. But when your aging loved one is feeling the effects of long-term or widespread pain, they might not be up to the task of managing all of these remedies effectively.

In home caregivers can provide the needed assistance for your loved one to get the pain relief they need. When left untreated, chronic pain tends to worsen other mental and physical diagnoses and has also been linked to depression and reduced mobility. With the help of the in home caregivers from Comfort Keepers, your loved one has access to someone who can:

  • Provide medication reminders and manage them manage their medication schedule
  • Accompany them to doctor’s appointments, physical therapy appointments, and more
  • Assist them in getting the daily activity and healthy food needed to care for their whole body
  • A regular check-in from someone who cares, and can note changes in mental and physical health
  • And more 

Companion care from Comfort Keepers is designed so that’s truly customizable, and able to meet the unique needs of your loved one and your family.

Chronic pain can make it harder for your loved one to manage daily tasks, like moving around the house while cleaning up, bending to unload the dishwasher, or lifting laundry into the washer or dryer. In home caregivers are able to assist with these jobs, and because they’re present in the home with your loved one, they can also monitor other household needs to be sure your loved one is in a healthy and comfortable environment at all times.

If you and your family are struggling to support an aging loved one with chronic pain and other health concerns, Comfort Keepers is here to help. Contact the agency near you today to learn more about our customizable companion care.