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What Is A Caregiver?

Comfort Keepers In-Home Care in Las Vegas, Nevada.

“I want to personally thank you for taking care of my mom during her last days. Your time with her was special and helped make her comfortable.” – (CK Las Vegas Customer)

The above quote is an excellent example of what it means to be a caregiver of seniors and vulnerable or compromised patients. As family members, we often lack the patience and nursing skill to truly make our loved ones feel secure and comfortable when they are facing the worse or simply facing their end-of-life days.

This blog illustrates the admirable qualities of caregivers, their service, and the necessary expertise they offer to the elderly, the frail, and those with ill health. It explores the essential role of professional caregivers in our communities.

Senior Care

Older adults lose mobility. Some lose the ability to help themselves go to the toilet. In almost all cases, elderly people struggle with appliances and utensils.

When a person reaches this stage, it is often recommended that the family seek a professional caregiver’s help. Our loved ones deserve care and consideration, just as we did when we were babies and for quite a while after.

Specialized care ―at home or in a group facility―provides adequate service and personal attention.

What does a Caregiver Offer your Loved Ones?

A caregiver offers your loved ones the assistance they need and a watchful eye on their activity. When an older person realizes they are losing the use of their hands or messing themselves when eating (or incontinence), they can feel embarrassed, dejected, and even unintelligent or frustrated with themself.

A caregiver has their eye on your loved ones in a way that regular working people often do not or cannot. Some elderly folk have trouble standing and may even struggle to get themselves into and out of a bathtub―which can be dangerous for a person with aging bones as the bones are not as pliable and strong and can easily fracture and break!

A caregiver offers your elderly family member assistance and, beyond that, can cater to the unique time-schedule needs of your elderly, frail, or sick loved one. A professional caregiver is available more often than can kids, teenagers, and working parents.

Most importantly, the best caregivers offer friendliness, love-like attention, and support. If you have ever been told a story by a grandparent more than a few times, you can forgive yourself for blurting out, “You’ve told me that before.” Caregivers, in their professional capacity, have their minds on their patients. This is not to say they do not have worries, a life of their own, their own families and children—possibly their own vulnerable elderly family members to care for! However, when employed at work, we must be able to divorce ourselves from distractions. A caregiver provides this attention as a duty of care.

What does a Caregiver do for a Vulnerable Patient?

The most important service a caregiver can offer is in-home health care. When it regards in-home care for seniors, a caregiver can go beyond frustration and even stubbornness by reaffirming that they are there to help and make things easier. They can wait and even persuade the person to take their medication on time, before or after their food, and keep monitoring the situation.

If something happens, such as a frail or ill elderly patient falling over, the caregiver can attend to them and call for help and emergency services! A caregiver with experience is important and beneficial to you and your elderly loved one. When you are not at home, there are things you don’t normally consider a danger or threat: a hot tea kettle, bathroom taps that are too tight or simply a challenge for the frail, navigating an outside stairwell or inside staircase, or a pill or capsule that rolls just out of reach.

Older adults can suffer from mental health problems or Vertigo, which can spontaneously arise. In these instances, they may insist on doing whatever it was their mind was set on. This is where a caregiver provides assistance and can dissuade them from exerting themselves.

It can be as simple as offering them a glass of water, taking their hand, and speaking an encouraging word about their other strengths and abilities. Caregivers often get to know their patients personally, being so close to them. This means that your family member, whom you love and respect, is handled properly and carefully. This is something they deserve – something we all deserve to have – when we are at that final stage of being human here on the planet.

We hope you have enjoyed this informational blog. If you would like more information about senior/elder care, in-home care in Las Vegas, or group facilities in Las Vegas, Nevada, near you, contact Comfort Keepers today! We’re also available to talk to you on the telephone: 

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