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5 Ways to Break the Ice Between a New Caregiver or Client

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5 Ways to Break the Ice Between a New Caregiver or Client

Getting to know someone new is natural and can be fun.

For our caregivers and clients, we know the value of holding first-time meetings in a setting where they are not immediately one-on-one. This takes the pressure off of the “first impression” stage of meeting someone new. Here are 5 ideas to help you break the ice during your first week with a new caregiver or client.

  1. Spend time together in the kitchen

Making food together is a great way to spend time. Discovering new recipes and uncovering past recipes inspires creativity and teamwork. When the cooking is done, enjoying a meal, snack or treat that you created together fosters joy and connection.

  1. Start a book together

During your scheduled time, you and your caregiver could read together. Reading a few pages of a book or newspaper aloud could be a great way to promote conversation and shared interest.

  1. Get out the photo album

Do you have pictures of a childhood pet? Grandkids? A family home? Looking through a picture album or even a few photographs serves as a guided activity to promote conversation and get to know each other. Swapping stories and sharing laughs together builds rapport between Client and Caregiver.

  1. Walk around the neighborhood

However far or long you want to go, a walk is an involved way to spend time together. Together, talk about the places that you see and things that you observe. Setting a route together for other walks or determining what areas you want to explore creates future opportunities. 

  1. Play a game

An easy way to break the ice is by playing a game, which is sure to fill your first experiences together with mutual goal-oriented fun. Once you find a game that you both enjoy, keep it fresh by making up a unique set of rules together for how you play.

Break the Ice

No matter how you spend your time with a new caregiver or client, it helps to have a few ideas. Whether enjoying time cooking or reading together, getting to know one another is natural and can be fun.