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The Difference Between Live-in Care and 24-Hour Care: What You Need to Know

Choosing the right caregiver for your loved one is an important task. The right caregiver can minimize your stress levels and help you and your loved one live a normal, healthy life. A caregiver can offer emotional, physical, and medical assistance to your family member. If you've been thinking about bringing someone into your home to help care for your loved one, you aren't alone. Make sure you understand the difference between live-in care and 24-hour care so you can make the best possible choice for your family member. No two caregivers are alike, just as no two clients are the same. The right caregiver for your loved one understands that facing health issues and problems can be difficult, which is why they're ready to help your loved one live the most comfortable life possible. Here's what you need to know when you're ready to find the right care provider.

What is the difference between live-in care and 24-hour care?

Perhaps the most important question you need to find the answer to is what the difference between live-in care and 24-hour care is. Before you can make a reasonable decision as to how your loved one should best receive care, you must explore all of your options. The decision to hire a caregiver is an important one, and it's also a very personal decision. It's up to you to select a caregiver whose personality meshes well with your family member, and it's important to choose someone who can provide the type of care your loved one needs.

The reality is that different types of care work well for different clients because the reason your loved one needs care might be very different from the reason someone else needs care. In some cases, clients may require care for only a short time. If your family member recently underwent surgery, for example, they may need someone to care for them at home. If, however, your loved one is aging, experiencing dementia, or dealing with more serious long-term health problems, they may require more long-term care at home.  

When you choose to hire someone to provide live-in care, that person will reside at the residence. They will be on-site all night and generally, for part of the day. Caregivers who live on-site may leave during the day while a secondary nurse provides care. In some cases, they may have specific nights where they are off the clock. Live-in care ensures that your family member has someone available when they need help during the night.  

With 24-hour care, you'll find that the caregivers you select do not live on-site. They will, however, be constantly present with your loved one. In most cases, your loved one will have at least two caregivers who provide care in shifts of 12 hours each. This means that your family member can receive assistance moving around the house. They can have someone help them with bathing and hygiene. They may even receive assistance with cooking and preparing meals.  

No matter what type of care you choose to pursue for your family member, make sure they understand what changes are coming. Some adults are nervous about receiving help from someone else. They don't like the idea of asking another person for help. They may be hesitant to depend on another person at all. In some cases, they may resent the idea of someone trying to help them.  

Talk with your family members. Let them know that having a caregiver available will be beneficial to everyone involved. For example, an on-site caregiver can help answer medical questions without having to visit a physician's office. Your family member's caregiver can also help with problems such as minor wound issues or receiving care between doctor's visits.  

When you're ready to think about in-home care for your loved one, reach out by calling (989) 684-8448 to speak with someone about your options.