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Comfort Keepers Post-Hospital Care in Salina, KS, and the surrounding areas

We can ease your loved one’s transition from the hospital or rehabilitation facility to home, leading to a better, more comfortable recovery.

The time immediately after a hospital stay can be critical to the health and recovery of a loved one. Studies show that the lack of proper support and home care following surgery or a serious hospitalization can lead to slower recovery or even readmission to the hospital. Family members often take on the task of caring for a loved one after a hospital stay but can find they are untrained or ill-prepared to meet such care's physical and emotional challenges. That is why Comfort Keepers® post-hospital care in Salina, KS, offers services to ease the transition home. Click below or call (785) 825-1055 for more information. 


What is Transitioning Care?

This specialized post-hospital care helps ease your loved one’s transition from hospital to home. Some of the services Comfort Keepers can provide include the following:

  • support of the care plan to aid the recovery process
  • assistance with household activities and responsibilities, including meal preparation, housekeeping, and running errands
  • incidental transportation for follow-up visits
  • peace of mind for family and friends
  • communication with the medical team as needed

How Comfort Keepers Can Help

In addition to the customary homemaker/companion and personal care services Comfort Keepers provides, we can adapt services to accommodate clients with specific medical needs, such as:

  • congestive heart failure.
  • myocardial infarction (heart attack).
  • pneumonia.

Why Comfort Keepers 

Comfort Keepers of Salina, KS, offers specialized post-hospital care services that ensure a smooth transition for individuals returning home after a hospital stay. Their expert caregivers are well-trained to provide the necessary assistance, support, and monitoring that post-hospital recovery often demands. This care encompasses a range of services, including medication management, wound care, mobility support, and assistance with activities of daily living. Moreover, Comfort Keepers strongly emphasizes creating a safe and comfortable environment, reducing the risk of falls and complications during the recovery process. By offering personalized care plans that adapt to the evolving needs of each client, Comfort Keepers aims to expedite recovery, reduce the chances of rehospitalization, and promote overall well-being during this critical phase. With their compassionate approach and dedication to exceptional post-hospital care, Comfort Keepers of Salina, KS, provides the peace of mind that individuals and their families need during this crucial healing period.

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Let Comfort Keepers post-hospital care in Salina, KS, help guide you safely through the transition process. It offers clients peace of mind and can help them recover once their loved one returns home. We are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to help your family member recover. Call (785) 825-1055 or click below for more information.