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Trusted In-Home Senior Care Serving Salina

Comfort Keepers In-Home Care of Salina.

Home Care Agency in Salina, KS, and surrounding areas

About Our Office in Salina, KS, and the surrounding areas.

Chuck and David Wurth founded the North Central Kansas Comfort Keepers Home Care Agency franchise in 2006. They bring to the franchise a wealth of experience in Alzheimer’s and dementia care. They are the second generation of a family that has owned and managed Arbor Springs Health Care Management, which has developed innovative Alzheimer’s and dementia residential care facilities.

The Wurth brothers feel blessed to have found Comfort Keepers, an organization that shares their commitment to providing for the growing need for quality, compassionate Alzheimer’s/dementia care, helping seniors live fulfilling lives with dignity and safety. 

The Wurths and the Comfort KeepersHome Care Agency team members are also committed to supporting the families of persons with Alzheimer’s disease and dementia, helping them become more confident, effective caregivers for their loved ones.  Our General Manager, Mary Wurth, CDP, specializes in Dementia and Alzheimer's care.

We tailor our comprehensive personal care and companionship care services in care plans from our home care agency that addresses the expressed needs of individual seniors and their families. This includes care for seniors and other clients who have been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease or dementia. The founders of our franchise have an extensive background in innovative Alzheimer’s and dementia care solutions. We serve Salina, Junction City, Manhattan, Clay, Cloud, Dickinson, Ellsworth, Geary, Lincoln, Marion, McPherson, Mitchell, Ottawa County, Riley, Saline County, and the surrounding areas of North Central Kansas.

How Comfort Keepers Excels

Comfort Keepers Home Care Agency has proven itself to be a leading provider of in-home senior care in these significant ways:

  • Our caregivers are natural. Senior caregiving comes naturally to the people who provide Comfort Keepers’ unique brand of eldercare. We call them Comfort Keepers. They have a gift for providing care that brings comfort and so much more to seniors and other adult clients: dignity, confidence, safety, improved physical, mental, and emotional health, and an enhanced level of independence.
  • Thorough caregiver screening. It takes special people to provide Comfort Keepers home care agency care. So, it takes an especially thorough process to recruit, screen, interview, and hire Comfort Keepers candidates. This includes a battery of local, state, and national background checks that all candidates must pass. This screening process, for the safety and peace of mind of our clients and their families, includes a Social Security trace; a search of national criminal databases, including sex offender, abuse, and violent offender registries; and a search of driving records. We also conduct annual recertification checks of current Comfort Keepers to check databases for offenses that may have occurred since hire.
  • Superior caregiver training. Comfort Keepers stand heads above other senior care providers in the amount of training they complete. Before caring for their first client, they complete training in Comfort Keepers’ distinctive brand of caregiving, Interactive Caregiving™. Our practical, hands-on training also covers Alzheimer’s and dementia care, fall prevention and home safety, transfers and positioning, homemaking, personal care, the special nutritional needs of seniors, hearing loss and age-related diseases, medication management, infection control, and more. Comfort Keepers also complete continuing training to maintain and enhance their skills as long as Comfort Keepers employ them.
  • Caregivers are our employees. Yes, Comfort Keepers are our employees, not contractors in our home care agency. This relationship provides us with a greater degree of control over the quality of the care they provide. And since we are the employer, we—not our clients—are responsible for bonding and liability insurance, payroll taxes, and workers compensation insurance. Our supervisory staff regularly reviews the care provided by Comfort Keepers and meets with clients and their families to make certain they are receiving effective quality care.
  • Interactive Caregiving™.   This is Comfort Keepers’ special style of eldercare. Through Interactive Caregiving™, Comfort Keepers home care agency can engage their clients in their care and keep them involved in activities that interest them—for instance, taking walks, reminiscing, working puzzles, playing board games, partaking in favorite hobbies, and socializing at church, cultural events, social clubs, senior centers, and shopping trips. *This active style of elder care is supported by numerous studies that have proven the senior health benefits of an active lifestyle: for instance, improved mental, physical, and emotional health, strengthened independence, and extended longevity.
  • We match clients and caregivers. We take the extra time and effort to match new clients with Comfort Keepers with compatible personalities, common interests, care needs, and skills that ideally dovetail for a more effective caregiving relationship.
  • Our focus is on quality. We have established policies and practices that assure Comfort Keepers home care agency clients and families of quality in-home care that meets their needs. This focus on quality starts at the beginning. Our Client Care Coordinator accompanies a Comfort Keeper on the first visit with a new client to introduce them, cover the client’s needs and expectations, and gather an initial impression of the chemistry between the client and caregiver. The Client Care Coordinator makes periodic supervisory visits to follow up and make certain each client’s needs are being satisfied. The Care Coordinator also checks in with family members, and we use our Telephony system to make certain caregivers arrive and leave a client’s home as scheduled.

We Partner with Families

Comfort Keepers home care agency cares for clients—and their families. While family caregiving can be a rewarding experience, we know that, without help, it can also be stressful. For families directly participating in caregiving, we offer respite care in Salina, Manhattan, Junction City, and North Central Kansas. In this situation, a Comfort Keeper comes into the home as scheduled to relieve the family caregiver. The family caregiver is then free to go to work, take care of other responsibilities, leave on vacation, or get a few hours’ rest to return to caregiving reenergized.

With Comfort Keepers, families have the freedom to be as involved in their loved one’s care as they desire or are able. Families often don’t live close enough to provide care themselves. But no matter a family’s degree of direct involvement, Comfort Keepers provides families support and peace of mind that their loved one is incapable, caring hands. Whether they are near or far, we continually keep families up-to-date on their loved one’s care and needs.

The Comfort Keepers Home Care Agency Network

Comfort Keepers builds and maintains partnerships with other health and senior care services. This way, we offer clients and their families convenient access to a complete senior care solution that seamlessly meets their changing needs. This network includes home health care and hospice agencies, assisted living facilities, nursing homes, and more.

Always Here for You

Our phones are staffed 24/7, so we can help you whenever you call. Please call us at (785) 825-1055 if you have questions about our services, need to set up in-home assistance, have a concern, or want to schedule a free in-home consultation to learn how Comfort Keepers Home Care Agency can help you or a loved one. Our managers are always available when you need to share a concern or ask questions about your or a loved one’s care.

Comfort Keepers Mission

Our mission is to provide our clients with the highest level of quality of life that is achievable.  We shall treat each of our clients with the respect and dignity they deserve, as though we were caring for a member of our own family.

The special people who deliver our unique brand of in-home senior care (We call them Comfort Keepers®.) are carefully selected, screened, and trained to provide professional, compassionate care. To bring the best care from Comfort Keepers Home Care Agency.

Our Philosophy

Interactive Caregiving™ is based on four primary pillars, which Comfort Keepers Home Care Agency leverages to care for, engage, and interact with our clients:

  1. An active senior mind promotes independence, better mental and physical health, happiness, and longer life.
  2. A physically active senior maintains strength and independence, lessening or delaying the effects of aging.
  3. A well-nourished senior is more energetic, both physically and mentally.
  4. A safe senior lives in an environment that reduces the likelihood of accidents and promotes timely response when illness or accidents occur.

Our Interactive Caregiving approach can raise seniors’ quality of life much higher than typical in-home care providers.