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Hospital to Home: 5 Tips for a Safe Transition

Comfort Keepers In-Home Care in Logansport, Indiana.

Hospital to Home: 5 Tips for a Safe Transition

It's easy to become overwhelmed when it's time to make the transition from hospital to home, especially if the hospital stay was an extended period of time. If you are getting ready to be discharged here are 5 tips that can help.

Being admitted to the hospital for any period of time can be an emotional experience. These emotions multiply when you are admitted for an extended period of time. When your hospital stay is over, it is normal to be worried about making the transition home while in recovery. You may be worried about the medications that you need to remember to take, reduced mobility, or being able to take care of responsibilities around the home.

These are common and justified fears. You are not alone in these feelings.  

The good news is, your transition from the hospital to home can be a smooth one with some careful planning and local support. Here are 5 tips for making a safe transition. 

Gather as much information from the hospital as possible

Before leaving the hospital it's crucial to get as much information as you can. Make sure that you understand what to expect in regards to recovery, medications that you need to take, how to contact medical personnel, and any other important information provided by your doctor. It is always best to have this information in writing so that you can review it and remember important details. 

Below are some great resources to help you leave the hospital prepared:

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Hospital Discharge Check-List 

Have a support person or caregiver available

Having a support person to help you transition from the hospital to home is important. This appointed person can help you remember recovery details, provide personal care if needed, assist with food preparation, and help maintain the home. If you do not have access to a family caregiver or if they need help providing care, working with an in-home care agency, such as Comfort Keepers, is a great solution.

At Comfort Keepers, we have helped many seniors, and other adults, successfully transition from the hospital to home and focus on recovery. We provide transitional care that can help you remain independent in the comfort of your own home. 

Here is some additional information on our post-hospital care services in Logansport and the surrounding Indiana area. 

Prepare for Fall Prevention

Falls can happen to anyone and they can really cause havoc on your ability to recover after a hospital stay. For seniors, falls can be even more damaging. In fact, according to the CDC, 36 million falls are reported by older adults every year. Before returning home from the hospital, you need to have a plan in place to minimize your risk of falls, especially if you have reduced mobility. 

Here are some tips for minimizing the risk of a fall:

  1. Get ample amounts of sleep.

  2. Understand the effects of your medication.

  3. Gain access to mobility assistive devices if needed. 

  4. Take your time and get up slowly.

  5. Utilize the support of a caregiver. 

Keep Your Follow-Up Appointments 

Unfortunately, many patients do not keep their follow-up appointments after spending time at the hospital. For your recovery and ability to remain independent, it is imperative that you do. Your healthcare provider will want to use these follow-up appointments to check the progress of your recovery, see if medications need to be adjusted, and recommend physical therapy if it is needed. Do yourself a favor and maintain these appointments. If you are unable to find transportation to and from healthcare appointments, Comfort Keepers can help.


Spending time at the hospital can be an emotional experience that continues when it is time to transition home. Creating a plan that focuses on understanding your recovery process, leveraging caregiver support, maintaining follow-up appointments, and preventing falls is critical to your ability to remain independent at home and recover quickly.

Transitioning Home from Hospital