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How Family Caregivers Can Support Seniors with Dementia

Comfort Keepers In-Home Care in Evansville, Indiana.

How Family Caregivers Can Support Seniors with Dementia

Being a family caregiver for a senior with Dementia in Evansville can be emotionally and physically challenging, Comfort Keepers can provide support and respite. 

Caring for a senior loved one with dementia in Evansville or the surrounding communities can be a challenging and trying experience. As the disease progresses, it can be an emotional journey for your loved one living with dementia and for you as their caregiver. It is hard seeing a loved one living with Dementia. Even though you may feel helpless in your caregiving journey, there are ways that you can support your loved one through this process. Let's take a look at some tips to help you provide comfort and care for your loved one who is living with dementia. 

Before we get into the tips, please remember that you are not alone. There are resources available in the Evansville, IN area to help you provide your loved one with the best care possible, while also focusing on your own needs. 

Create a Calm Environment 

Ensuring that your loved one's physical environment is calm and comfortable can help reduce the agitation often found in seniors with dementia. Make sure their home is well-lit and clutter-free; add visual reminders of familiar objects; play soothing music; and provide activities such as books or puzzles to help engage their mind. Additionally, look for opportunities for socialization—such as arranging visits with family members or friends—can be beneficial in helping to create a feeling of peace and inclusion. Remember to talk to your loved one, the same way you did before they were diagnosed with Dementia. Familiarity is important.  

Stay Positive and Control Your Emotions

It's important to remain positive when interacting with your senior loved one who has Dementia. This means avoiding confrontations, using positive language when communicating with them, listening attentively, and providing time for them to express themselves without interruption or judgment. This is a tough situation for both you and them, don't forget that they are going through this too. Being patient and understanding will go a long way in creating an atmosphere where your loved one feels supported and respected. 

Provide Routine and Structure 

Creating structure in daily life is essential to supporting your loved one living with dementia. Establishing regular routines provides stability which can help reduce anxiety, confusion, and mood swings caused by disorientation or memory loss. It's important to keep these routines flexible so they can change as new needs arise while still offering consistency throughout each day—for example having meals at set times but allowing enough wiggle room so they don't feel rushed or overwhelmed if something unexpected happens. 

Partner with an In-Home Care Agency in Evansville

Working with an in-home care agency is not a sign of weakness, it may be essential. At Comfort Keepers, we have supported many family caregivers in Evansville and the surrounding communities, who are trying to balance providing quality care to their loved ones, work, and other obligations. It can be a tough tightrope to walk, and Dementia can further the need for support. Our team of compassionate in-home caregivers can give you respite and help your loved one through personal care and companionship. 

Taking care of someone who has been diagnosed with dementia requires patience, empathy, understanding, and above all else—love! With the right resources, patience, understanding, and dedication, you'll be able to create an environment where your loved one can remain in their Evansville, IN home for as long as possible.