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Hearing Ask The Audioprosthologist

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Hearing - Ask The Audioprosthologist Health Care Providers

Health care providers can help you get the hearing aid that best fits your needs

Q) My family has been asking me to have my hearing checked. Lately I am not hearing well. There are so many ads touting new products and different styles. I am not sure where to start. –Manny - Venice FL

A) The decision to have your hearing checked is a great first step, now where do you go and what type of hearing aids do you need. How bad is your hearing loss, do you need two hearing aids? Is there one brand better than the others? These are all very good and important questions and contacting your health care providers can help provide answers to your specific needs. To answer some of these questions I have asked a trustworthy professional – Blair Post BC-HIS, ACA of Contemporary Hearing. Blair is a Board Certified Hearing Specialist and an Accredited Audioprosthologist.

How to choose the right hearing aid is the most important decision and based on your lifestyle and what sounds the hearing aids need to process so you can have the ability to hear and understand well.

Initially we suggest a full audiometric examination, video-otoscopy (that allows the patient to see inside their ear), and speech discrimination analysis from health care providers. Based on the information from these procedures, the client is counseled on the type of loss and possible solutions to help optimize their hearing.

Hearing aids are not simply amplifiers today. They have a DSP (Digital Sound Processor) chip inside and are truly similar to mini computers. Today most hearing aids are programmable by a computer. We can adjust specific frequencies to tailor a fit to the client’s needs. Also many designs are so small they are barely noticeable. The cost of hearing aids will partially depend on how much flexibility we have in the programming of the device.

When discussing your choice on what hearing aid will work for you, make sure the Health Care Providers/Specialists ask about what environments you will be in, so the proper circuits are selected for you to choose based on programmability and cost.

Hearing aids will help you hear better but please remember YOU need to understand your hearing loss so we can help you hear and understand BETTER.

Blair Post of Contemporary Hearing has been helping people understand better for over 8 years in SW Florida . His compassion to help you comes from growing up in a hearing-impaired family.

Contemporary Hearing offers free hearing tests, consultations and a 30 day trial period.
Contemporary Hearing is located at 523 Tamiami Trail S Venice FL 34285 (941) 244-9300 across from Venice Regional Medical Center.

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