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Understanding Breast Cancer

Comfort Keepers In-Home Care in Ocala, Florida.

Comfort Keepers Elderly Care at Home in Ocala, FL & Understanding Breast Cancer

Elderly care at home professionals in Ocala, FL want to make sure that your loved one is up to date on their screenings - this includes screenings for breast cancer! 

Breast Cancer’s Magnitude And Impact

Did you know that more than 3 million Americans are breast cancer survivors? You could walk down the road and ask strangers if they or someone they know or love has been affected by breast cancer and more often than not, they will say yes. This is because breast cancer is prevalent in the US, but with the leaps and bounds made by research and organization, there is a lot more awareness about it and early prevention and treatment are sought out in time to make a difference.

Survival rates have increased in the past few decades, but it is important to remember that breast cancer is the second leading cancer-related death in US women. All women should be screened for breast cancer, especially older women, 65 and up. If your loved one is in need of a checkup or has a scheduled mammogram, let the Comfort Keepers elderly home care team know, as they can provide transportation services to and from the appointment.

Risk Factors of Breast Cancer

There are some common risk factors of breast cancer and if your loved one is at an increased risk, it is important that she is checked by her doctor and has any needed x-rays performed. The Comfort Keepers elderly home care team can provide transportation services for your loved one to ensure she can visit the doctor when needed. Our caregivers will also help your loved one keep a record of any concerns or symptoms that may be present.

Some of the risk factors include:

  • Dense breast tissues
  • Family history of breast cancer
  • Old age
  • Administration of progesterone and estrogen
  • Radiation therapy in the breast or chest region
  • Frequent alcohol consumption

Where Does Breast Cancer Form?

Breast cancer is typically found in the ducts that carry milk to the nipples and is known as ductal carcinoma. Another commonplace for breast cancer to develop is in the lobes or lobules that produce milk, known as lobular carcinoma. Some of the other types of cancer include low-grade adenosquamous, adenoid cystic carcinoma, and medullary carcinoma. One of the worst types of breast cancer that anyone can develop is in the lymph nodes. If breast cancer does form in the lymph nodes, located underneath the armpits, the prognosis is often poorer than the other listed forms of breast cancer.

Self-Examination Is Important

Your loved one should be performing a self-examination on their breasts monthly to check for any signs of pain or lumps in their breasts. If your loved one does not know how to perform a self-exam, the Comfort Keepers elderly home care team can teach them. Typically, the self-exam will include using a circular motion on the breast tissue to feel for abnormal growths.

Comfort Keepers Wants To Help

If your loved one is in need of care or they need help living independently, the team at Comfort Keepers elderly home care is prepared to help. We offer a wide range of services that are tailored to meet your loved one’s individual needs. Call our office today to learn more about how we can help your loved one.