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Adult Home Care Testimonials for Comfort Keepers in Ocala, FL

What People Are Saying About Comfort Keepers®

Hundreds of people every day discover the exceptional brand of in-home care provided by Comfort Keepers—from seniors and their families to the exceptionally caring people who discover Comfort Keepers and choose to become a Comfort Keeper® themselves.


"I've been here almost 3 years, very good working environment"

Samuel F.

"Very Professional"

Marcus W.

"Great company to work for!"

Care Advisor

"My father was very happy with your services. I would definitely recommend you!"

Sharon L.

"Comfort Keepers trains their caregivers well. My Comfort Keeper was responsive to my needs, ran a tight ship, cheerful, polite and flexible. She understood her job and carried it out smoothly"

Dana C.

The two ladies we have had come to us have been punctual, well trained, eager to please and willing to work with us just the way we need! I sing Comfort Keepers praises to all the neighbors."

Mary R.

"Responded immediately to my concerns and received great help. If my husband comes back home, I will hire you again."

Isabel G.

"I believe you must be very careful who you hire for this position. The one above blew my views of CK."

Janine B.

"Randi has done an excellent job. My wife Judy and I appreciated her service, caring and enjoy her company. She is a WINNER and KEEPER."

Jim C.

"Helped to feed and nourish my Dad with extra food she made in her home. Very warm, compassionate, and caring of my dad."

Nancy K.

"Staff - responsive, pleasant, courteous, quick action."

Ruth F.

"Whenever I called to change anything they were very helpful - Good People!"

Donna S.

"Their sincere interest in my husband’s well being. Their kindness and helpfulness. No job or errand."

Martha S.

"Comfort Keepers did an excellent job. They were always professional, courteous and a pleasure to be around. Comfort Keepers did an excellent job assisting my mother in her failing health."

Tom C.

"Reliability, well coordinated covering of caregivers."

Julie P.

"Josh was a Joy - he was respectful and very caring to my husband Tom. Offered to do special chores on their assignment."

Marie D.

"Reliable, flexible service. Showed initiative. Good grasp of situation. Showed initiative, willingness to adapt."

Mary M.

"Just being there and being attentive to my mother's needs."

Cherie V.

"Our caregiver was continually enhancing my husband’s quality of life. She sought out his likes and dislikes, suggested activities, places to visit, assisted in setting up his small model train set, doing his physical exercises with him - just be so caring compassionate, calm and sweet. I feel Comfort Keepers matched us perfectly with our caregiver."

Daryl S.

"Joyce was the perfect matching of companionship and care for my mother. Mom stated she had only one complaint. 'I can't take Joyce home with me (to Tallahassee).'"

Merris P.

"Especially one Katherine showed real concern developed a close relationship with us. Her sense of humor brightened our days."

Shirl E.

"Pleasant - caring - accommodating."

Judy C.

"My wife’s Comfort Keeper was helpful, intelligent, friendly and always on time."

Andrew M.

"It was comfort to me knowing my mother and grandmother were in such caring hands. I’m sincerely grateful."

Margie S.

"My Comfort Keeper had wonderful initiative, superb inter-personal skills, and was always helpful and unobtrusive in a comfortable way."

M. D.

"My Comfort Keeper was always on time and looking for ways to help. From taking out the trash to folding laundry they were always attentive to my husband."

Sybil S.

"Our Comfort Keeper was wonderful, attentive, personable, hardworking, and very passionate about being a Comfort Keeper."

Dolores T.

"No matter what came up Comfort Keepers would make it work. Everything was great, only a phone call away."

Lori H.

"Our Comfort Keeper was so kind to all of us, we felt like we had known her forever."

Cynthia F.

"Honest, Punctual, and Cooperative. That is my Comfort Keeper!"

Priscilla W.

"Uncle Paul had a stroke and his Comfort Keeper drove him to the ER immediately. His stroke residual was minimal due to the rapid response of care given."

Alan P.

"Mother became very close with her Comfort Keeper - she loved how her Comfort Keeper’s care exceeded her expectations."

Richard S.

"They kept me informed above and beyond what was legally necessary. They even kept a daily diary for the doctor to review!"

Carole B.

"Emil O. passed away peacefully surrounded by his family August 29. I am so happy he was able to be home due to you skillful & dedicated staff."

Rita O.

"Want to thank you and the Comfort Keepers for the wonderful package of cookies — our first Christmas gift! Needless to say that they were gone by the time you got out of the building! We also loved the little snowman bag they were in and went that very day and bought some for our usage! We are still enjoying our Christmas card with all of your names on it. Many thanks to each and everyone of you for all you do to make our lives happier and easier – we do love you."


"I wanted to let you know how pleased we are that Abbey and Amanda are the assigned caretakers for Bob. He is my stepdad and it is so comforting and reassuring to know that we can go to work and do what we need to do as a family so that they can drive him to his appointments and cook for him and be a companion. He really needs someone to talk to and spend time with him. He is a retired professor from UF and he has many scientific conversations that are not always interesting but Abbey and Amanda are interested, caring, giving and loving to Bob. He brags on Abbey how she cleans his house so well and does his ironing better than the dry cleaners. He also loves her cooking! Amanda comes on Sundays only and he always looks forward to time with her. Amanda makes Bob smile and he makes her laugh. She is more of a companion for him since she is with him for one day. These two individuals have been with Bob for several months and I do not think anyone is more suited for the job than Abbey and Amanda! Thank you Comfort Keepers for hiring such wonderful people to love and care for our family member!"

Pamela S.

"Received prompt professional and especially caring service from everyone we had contact with. Our care coordinator Ashley Ellens was so kind and repeatedly helped to adjust the schedule to meet our needs. She visited us on the day my dad passed away and was a great source of comfort to us when it was most needed. Have no concerns."

Maureen Q.

"Everyone was nice, polite, and very helpful and treated him with a lot of respect. I was grateful for that and most nights I was able to get some rest."

Linda G

"I expected excellence and received the same. Marie was not just there she was present with Ellen and participating in her life."

Vicki B.