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Fire Safety and Prevention Tips

Comfort Keepers In-Home Care in Ocala, Florida.

Comfort Keepers Home Care Assistance in Ocala, FL: Fire Safety And Prevention Tips For Seniors

Home care assistance experts discuss how your senior loved one can prevent fires in the home in the Ocala, FL area! 

Fires are a very dangerous situation and they can destroy entire homes, fields, and more. A fire’s amount of destruction will depend on what is in its path and a home is often a wonderful field for a fire due to all of the flammable and paper items. Even though fires are powerful, you want your loved one to have a plan in place to escape the fire. Studies that have been performed show that individuals who are 65 and older, are the highest risk age group when it comes to fire-related deaths. This is because seniors often suffer from mobility problems or a diminished ability to comprehend the situation. If you are concerned about your loved one’s safety during a fire, contact the Comfort Keepers home care assistance team.

Risk Factors That Contribute To Senior Fire-Related Deaths

As we start to age, we lose some of our physical and mental abilities and this is just part of the natural process. While it is considered normal, it can leave us incapacitated to a degree and your loved one may not know what to do when a fire does occur. Because of this, you should speak with your loved one’s Comfort Keepers home care assistance provider.

As we mentioned, older adults are the most at-risk group for fire-related deaths and there are some risk factors that contribute to this. For example, seniors who suffer from a limited range of mobility will find that they cannot get around their homes as easily as others. If a fire were to start, they need to be able to get out quickly and with a mobility limitation, they may not be able to. Because of this, a plan must be implemented that takes your loved one’s needs into consideration.

Another risk factor that must be considered is reaction time. The older you get, the slower your reaction time and this can severely limit your options in a fire. Sometimes, medication can slow down your reaction time as well.

The Comfort Keepers home care assistance team wants you to know that they will be there for your loved one and work closely with them to develop a plan that will allow your parent or grandparent to escape when it comes time.

Comfort Keepers Will Help Your Loved One

The team at Comfort Keepers home care assistance is ready to help your loved one. We work closely with you and your loved one to establish a fire escape plan that works. We will highlight the main route and then create additional escape routes in case the main one is blocked. Our team will also perform a free safety assessment of your loved one’s home to ensure that it is safe and no hazards are in the way. Call Comfort Keepers today to learn more about how we can help your loved one.