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Benefits of Around-the-Clock Care for Seniors in West Port, CT

Comfort Keepers In-Home Care in Westport, Connecticut.

Benefits of Around-the-Clock Care for Seniors in West Port, CT

As our senior loved ones journey through the stages of life, their care requirements naturally become more intricate and pressing. It becomes important to truly understand the nuances that set apart live-in care from 24-hour care, as this understanding is crucial in ensuring our senior loved ones receive the precise and heartfelt support they deserve.

In the realm of live-in care, a dedicated caregiver resides within the confines of their home, a constant and reassuring presence throughout the day and night. In contrast, 24-hour care services offered by Comfort Keepers include a team of compassionate caregivers working in shifts to provide an uninterrupted circle of assistance, catering to every need, moment after moment.

The Distinction Between Live-In Care and 24-Hour Care

Standard live-in care typically involves one caregiver who works up to 10 hours per day and is available for ad hoc care needs during the night. However, the caregiver should not be woken up more than three times per night. This level of care is suitable for individuals who require assistance but do not have medical conditions that demand continuous monitoring.

On the other hand, 24-hour care is intended exclusively for seniors with medical disorders that demand round-the-clock attention and treatment. A skilled Comfort Keepers caregiver is always on hand, whether it's for treating long-term conditions like Parkinson's Disease, a terminal illness, or supporting people with mobility problems. 

Comfort Keepers Home Assessment for In-Home Care

To determine the most suitable type of care for a senior, our care coordinators work closely with seniors and their loved ones to complete a home assessment. This assessment evaluates the individual's care requirements, allowing our care team to recommend the appropriate level of support. If you believe that you or your loved one requires an assessment, you can contact Comfort Keepers to schedule a free home assessment.

The ability of the person to stay at home, the need for intensive care or daily life help, pre-existing medical issues, and the likely advancement of degenerative disorders are all taken into consideration during the assessment. If 24-hour care is required, it is also taken into account how well the patient sleeps and their behavioral patterns.

Chronic illnesses and diseases can make daily duties difficult and cause problems at night, such as pain or wandering. In these situations, 24-hour care is frequently advised to guarantee the person's comfort, safety, and general well-being.

Preventing Accidents and Ensuring Safety

Seniors are more likely to have accidents at home as they age. Falls and other accidents can be caused by conditions like limited movement, poor vision, diminished depth perception, and decreased cognitive function. Osteoporosis, weak muscles, and conditions like arthritis all increase the likelihood of tripping or falling.

The bathroom is one space in the house that presents a particularly serious risk. Accidents in the bathroom frequently happen when people lose their balance when getting in or out of the bath or shower or when they slide on damp floors. Seniors who fall can suffer serious repercussions, including painful fractures that take a long time to heal.

If you or your loved one has a history of falls at home or is experiencing confusion during the day or night, 24-hour care can significantly reduce the risk of serious accidents. With a qualified care professional present at all times, there is always a safe pair of hands to provide immediate assistance and prevent any potential harm.

The Benefits of Around-the-Clock Care

Around-the-clock care offers numerous benefits for seniors and their families. Let's explore some of the key advantages:

1. Continuous Monitoring and Medical Support

Individuals with complex medical conditions are guaranteed round-the-clock monitoring and assistance from medical professionals. Seniors with later stages of chronic illnesses benefit especially from this level of care. When a senior's health changes, our caregivers can react quickly, remind them to take their medication as prescribed, and seek emergency assistance if it’s needed.

2. Enhanced Safety and Security

With a care professional available at all times, seniors can feel secure and confident in their own homes. The presence of a qualified caregiver reduces the risk of accidents, provides assistance with daily activities, and offers a sense of security during the night. Families can have peace of mind knowing that their loved ones are in safe hands when they can’t be there.

3. Personalized Care and Companionship

Around-the-clock It makes it possible to create individualized care plans that are specific to each person's requirements. To ensure that seniors receive the best possible care and companionship, our caregivers get to know their routines, personal preferences, and health needs.

4. Emotional and Social Support

Seniors who require round-the-clock care may feel isolated and lonely. Being surrounded by a committed care provider offers emotional support and company. Caregivers interact with our seniors in meaningful ways, partake in activities with them, and provide a comforting presence that can help seniors feel much better emotionally.

5. Assistance with Activities of Daily Living

Activities of daily living (ADLs) help is frequently needed by senior citizens with complex care needs. These tasks include clothing, grooming, preparing meals, managing medications, and assisting with movement. Seniors who receive round-the-clock care can get the help they require whenever they do, assuring their comfort and dignity.

Comfort Keepers Can Help Your Senior Loved One 

24/7 care becomes increasingly important as seniors age and their care requirements increase. The degree of support and supervision offered distinguishes live-in care from 24-hour care. While live-in care is appropriate for those who need assistance but do not have serious medical conditions, 24-hour care is created exclusively for seniors who require ongoing care.

Call us at (203) 924-4949 to learn more about our 24-hour care services in Westport. To learn more about your senior loved one's requirements and preferences, our care coordinators can arrange a free home assessment. You may rest easy knowing that your loved one is getting the care they require around the clock thanks to our 24/7 care services.