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Comfort Keepers In-Home Senior Care in Shelton, CT Offers Expert, Uplifting Senior Care.

In need of in-home senior care in Shelton, CT? Look no further than Comfort Keepers.

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In-Home Care Services for Seniors in Shelton, CTin home senior carein home senior carein home senior care

at home senior care

at home senior care
at home senior care

at home senior care

We understand that each senior has unique needs and preferences. So, we ensure they get the in-home care they need and deserve. Our caregivers work closely with seniors and their loved ones to create personalized care plans considering a senior's unique situations, requirements, and goals. 

Each of these at-home senior care services can be provided long-term or as needed. Caregivers allow seniors to live in their own homes for as long as possible to avoid the stress of having to move to an assisted living facility or nursing home. 

With the help of Comfort Keepers, seniors can improve their overall quality of life because they can get hands-on support when needed. Our in-home care services are available in Shelton, Trumbull, Stratford, and nearby areas. 

In-Home Care Services in Shelton

From companionship to help with errands and household chores, our caregivers can help seniors in the comfort of their own homes. We also offer senior safety technology such as home monitoring, fall protection, and medical alert systems. Both seniors and their loved ones can benefit from the help of an in-home care agency because having a little help can make all the difference in making your days easier to handle.

Companion Care

Our caregivers often create meaningful relationships with our clients and actively include activities that bring joy. Many seniors experience feelings of isolation and sadness, as their families have other responsibilities preventing them from constantly being there. Having a companion to talk to and do things with can positively impact you and your loved one. Our companion care services in Shelton can help seniors prepare meals, clean their homes, and remind them to take their medications. Comfort Keepers helps seniors stay active in their communities by doing things together, such as:

  • Conversation and mental stimulation

  • Playing games

  • Listening to music

  • Light exercise, such as taking walks 

  • Transportation to appointments and social events

Personal Care

As seniors age, it's common for them to have trouble with tasks that they could do easily when they were younger. Personal care is critical to a senior's overall well-being and can make all the difference in their days. Our caregivers can help clients with concerns about personal care tasks such as bathing, brushing their teeth, shaving, or applying makeup. Studies show that seniors are happier in the long run when they look polished and feel good about themselves. Personal care ensures that seniors feel good about themselves, and personal hygiene can also help prevent medical issues such as infections or diseases. We can help seniors with their daily personal care tasks, including:

  • Bathing

  • Getting dressed

  • Brushing teeth or dentures

  • Styling and brushing hair

  • Applying makeup and painting nails

  • Shaving

Specialized Care Services in Shelton

Our specialized care services can benefit seniors and their loved ones, even those with unique needs. For seniors diagnosed with a terminal illness, we can provide end-of-life care to support them and their loved ones through challenging times. In addition, we have respite care options for family caregivers who need to take a break to take care of their own needs or go on vacation. And, when seniors return home after a hospital stay or surgery, we can work with them to ensure they recover safely. 

Live-In Care

It's common for seniors to require more and more care as they age. While assisted living facilities and nursing homes are an option, most seniors prefer to live in their own homes for as long as possible. Our around-the-clock care services ensure that seniors can get the help they need at all hours of the day. A caregiver can help maintain a senior's independence and overall well-being because they can be independent. Our caregivers can help seniors during the day or at night. Some benefits of 24-hour care include:

  • Help during potentially dangerous activities

  • Constant monitoring

  • Reduce the risk of cognitive decline through socialization

  • Respond to immediate needs 

  • Quick response in case of an emergency

Post-Hospital Care

After an extended hospital stay or surgery, many seniors are overwhelmed when they return to their homes because they need to take new medications on time, clean any surgical wounds, and get to their follow-up appointments on time. Our caregivers can help seniors get to doctors' appointments, take their medications on time, and provide emotional support. Recovering from an illness or injury can be long, and seniors often struggle to navigate new routines. We can help seniors recover safely at home and communicate their needs to their families and care teams. 

Interactive Caregiving 

Seniors thrive when actively involved in meaningful activities that bring them feelings of importance and purpose. Our interactive caregiving model encourages seniors to do hobbies, light exercise, and socialize with their family and friends. We create bonds with our clients so that we can create care plans based on their interests and current abilities. With a comprehensive approach to caregiving, we enhance seniors' quality of life and give them opportunities to achieve their goals. 

Benefits of In-Home Care for Seniors in Shelton

Nursing homes or assisted living facilities are just some options for seniors who need extra help around the house. Comfort Keepers can create care plans that are flexible and customized to meet unique needs. Whether you or a loved one needs 24-hour support or just a few hours of help daily, we are here to lend a helping hand.

If you or a loved one could use the help of a caregiver, schedule an in-home assessment with one of our care coordinators at (203) 924-4949. During our in-home assessment, we can look for potential safety concerns in your home and suggest how to improve your quality of life. 

Celebrating 25 years of Elevating the Human SpiritSM in 2023

Since 1998, Comfort Keepers® has changed the lives of tens of thousands of seniors and their families by providing uplifting in-home care that Elevates the Human Spirit℠. Our brand promise to help seniors thrive and achieve greater well-being by fostering everyday positive moments, connection, and a more purposeful life, still rings true 25 years later.

Care Services in Shelton

We provide a range of senior care services and home assistance. From companionship to errands and groceries, our highly-trained Comfort Keepers can support your loved ones in the comfort of their own home. We also offer senior technology, including home monitoring, fall risk, and medical alert systems. Our comprehensive senior care services include:

Reach out to our office in Shelton, Connecticut and learn how your loved ones can receive compassionate, professional in-home care.

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Comfort Keepers offers rewarding jobs and career paths for any stage in life, whether you are just joining the workforce, ready to jump back in after time off, or looking to stay active in retirement. Joining Comfort Keepers is also a great way to kick-start your career in the homecare medical field, including a medical assistant, nurse, or other related professional.

As a senior caregiver, you’ll take care of daily needs while building valuable relationships based on mutual respect, trust, and compassion. In return, we offer competitive compensation, a highly flexible work schedule, and opportunities to impact someone’s life in a meaningful and fulfilling way.

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