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Seniors And Immunizations

Comfort Keepers In-Home Care in Pleasant Hill, California.

Comfort Keepers Help for Seniors Presents: Immunizations for Seniors in Walnut Creek, CA

Learn more about the professional help for seniors and their recommendations on immunizations by Comfort Keepers of Walnut Creek, CA

Many deaths among the elderly are actually preventable.  The prevention is as simple as a vaccine.  Vaccines place a bit of an infection (a pathogen) into your system, causing your immune system to recognize it and to be able to attack the next time it enters.  Because senior citizens are often in hospitals or other places where exposure to viruses is common, immunization is absolutely crucial.  If a senior you know has not gotten vaccines in the last five years or so, please urge him or her to do so.

We’ll give you a hand by pointing out some of the most important vaccines for seniors.

1. Flu Vaccine--  In the worst flu seasons, nearly 49,000 people die from Influenza.  Nearly 90% of these folks are over the age of 65.  Not only are elderly citizens very susceptible to getting the flu, but it’s likely for them to suffer complications that come from the flu.  These can include various infections.

To combat the flu as well as possible, seniors can take advantage of high dosage vaccines made expressly for them.  This provides help for seniors and allows their bodies to produce more antibodies to attack the flu.

2. Shingles Vaccine- Shingles is a skin rash.  Not only is it painful, but it can also cause blisters.  Shingles affects people over the age of 50, particularly those who have already had chickenpox. 

3. Pertussis Vaccine- Pertussis is also known as the whooping cough, and, as the name implies, entails intense coughing.  One can get a vaccine just for Pertussis, or a T-Dap vaccine, which covers Tetanus, Diphtheria and Pertussis.

Pertussis is often carried by babies, so it's wise to get vaccine help for seniors who come into contact with infants should definitely get a pertussis shot.

4. Pneumonia- Pneumonia takes the lives of 60,000 people per year.  While the vaccine is one-time, the CDC does recommend that seniors get two vaccines, because of the high level of danger to seniors from pneumonia.

All of these infirmities can be prevented very easily.  Some seniors—as well as non-seniors—have great skepticism about vaccines.  Yet now that you have the facts, it should be clear that whatever misgivings a person may have about immunizations, not getting them is simply not an option.

Medicare and Medicaid cover many vaccines, and there are many programs that provide help for seniors for free or very inexpensive vaccines.