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Elderly Home Care Testimonials from Comfort Keepers of Walnut Creek, CA

We provide elderly home care for Pleasant Hill, Walnut Creek, and Concord seniors need; see what they say about our help!

Every day, people discover the exceptional brand of elderly home care in Walnut Creek provided by Comfort Keepers—from seniors and their families to the exceptionally caring people who discover Comfort Keepers and choose to become a Comfort Keeper caregiver themselves. Comfort Keepers of Walnut Creek, CA, has proudly served seniors and their families with industry-leading elderly home care Walnut Creek services. We have adapted to the home care industry as it has evolved, allowing us to provide the highest quality elderly home care Walnut Creek seniors could receive while ensuring your loved one's happiness, safety, and independence in their home.

We recognize that each senior has unique needs, often which change over time, so we customize each care plan to address the physical and mental needs of your loved one and their likes and dislikes. Comfort Keepers is locally and nationally known for its tailored approach to elderly home care through Interactive Caregiving. We are proud to provide seniors in Contra Costa County with this care.

Below are comments from just a few of the many home care Walnut Creek and Contra Costa County seniors we have served and continue to serve every day.

"The staff from Comfort Keepers lovingly provided excellent care to our mother throughout her final The staff from Comfort Keepers lovingly provided excellent care to our mother throughout her final months at home. They were very kind, compassionate and understanding with the family during this difficult time. Staff went above and beyond in their care of our mother and with the family. Words can't express how wonderful the whole team was with us throughout her illness."

Christine A.

"We had the occasion to use Comforf Keepers recently and found their service to be great. I was out of town and had a relative doing the caregiving. Unfortunately things went down hill fast and we needed some relief . Kaiser had recommended CK, we contacted them and they were able to have someone come out that evening. We can't thank them enough, for assisting us in our time of need."

Colleen R.

"Excellent and friendly service, fantastic management. Highly recommend!"

Angela Z.

"Comfort Keepers is a fantastic organization with unbelievable leadership and such a great and talent group of employees. If you are entering that phase in life where you are looking for an organization to assist with your loved ones, you can’t find a better company to serve you. I can’t say enough."

Kevin M.

"Comfort Keepers is an outstanding company. Why? Top notch management that hires only the most qualified caregivers. A thorough hiring process, orientation,on-going training, and respect for their employees allows Comfort Keepers to provide caregivers who are kind, who listen, who are skilled and compassionate. I would not hesitate to call Comfort Keepers if any of my family members required in-home care."

Ilse K.

"Comfort Keepers is very responsive and caring company with very compassionate care, and an extremely helpful management team. If you're looking into care for family or a friend, I'd highly recommend reaching out to them."

Jennifer H.

"Comfort Keepers is very responsive and caring company with very compassionate care, and an extremely helpful management team. If you're looking into care for family or a friend, I'd highly recommend reaching out to them."

Michael B.

"Friendly helpful staff! Thanks for doing such a great job!"

Stephanie P.

"An excellent company that really cares about their employees."

David E.

"I'm an employee with Comfort Keepers and it has been a wonderful experience sense I started about two years ago. The management is very professional and have been a great help allowing me to work around my busy school schedule"

Ethan W.

"If you are looking for a company to provide care to your loved one in the comfort of their own home, Comfort Keepers is the company to call! The management is unbelievably friendly and talented, and they genuinely care about their clients and caregivers. The staff does an amazing job coordinating with families and caregivers to provide the best care plan for their clients. They only hire the best caregivers which all undergo background checks and screening to make sure your loved one gets the most outstanding care. If you are looking for a home care company, don't look any further! Call Comfort Keepers today!"

Maddie W.

"Comfort Keepers of Walnut Creek is a wonderful company! They are friendly, supportive, and dependable. I highly recommend Comfort Keepers for in-home care."

Jennifer B.

"I can't imagine leaving a loved one with better caregivers. The entire culture of this organization shows such integrity and empathy for the geriatric population not only in the caregivers but all the management practices from intake to provision of services. In a world that values fast pace and technology, it is so refreshing to find an organization that values taking time to get to know the person, really listening to their needs and wants. I can't recommend this agency any more highly. Choosing Comfort Keepers, you can rest assured that your loved one is in the best care possible."

Meti C.

"Professional and helpful! Thank you for all that you do for the community."

Brenda W.

"Excellent staff and exceptional service! We appreciate everything you do."

Cindy G.

"I just love what I always hear about this company. We know they are the highest ranked franchise system with good reputation. Many Comfort Keepers clients have commented on their outstanding attention to detail in providing senior care in Bay Area. They also use the latest technology out there for families to have on line access to their loved ones. If you need in-home care for a loved one, this is your local business with that caring approach."

Ali B.

"I have never been so impressed with getting assistance for a loved one. Not only do they provide a quick response but they are sensitive to your needs. It is extremely important to Comfort Keepers that the person they send to your home is compatible with the person needing the care. They follow up and are very compassionate which I really appreciated at such a difficult time. They accommodated all of our needs even when we needed someone to stay over night at the last minute. You will not be disappointed. Thank you."

Lina A.

"I have known the owners of Comfort Keepers for a while and it is my confidence in them and how they approach their business that has led me to recommend their agency to friends when a need arose. Every single time the feedback I got was “Wow! I didn’t know a caregiver could be so warm and caring and good.” But that’s because they would never hire a caregiver that they would not have sent in to their own Grandmother. Recently they enhanced their business with a technology that allows the caregivers to post messages online so that the family could get even more direct feedback from the caregiver about what was going on with their loved one. Families love it, caregivers love being able to communicate, and to being heard, and the owners are able to oversee the relationships in a way that is leading the industry. If you are looking for exceptional care, Comfort Keepers is the place to call."

Judith A.

"I originally began working for Comfort Keepers 3 years ago. I left due to personal circumstances. Earlier this year I was able to come back into the field of caregiving. Comfort Keepers was the first and only company I called. The reasons are 1) THey truly care about the clients well being and happiness. 2) They care about the employees' happiness, work with our schedules, and make sure we are properly matched up with clients to provide the best care possible. They listen to our suggestions and concerns for client care, encourage and support us, and make sure we are properly trained. I absolutely love what I do and because of working with Comfort Keepers I have been motivated to take my career further and study nursing! I would recommend Comfort Keepers to any friend or family member hands down!"

Gabrielle H.

"Comfort Keepers had amazing service and seemed to really care about us. I would definitely recommend."

Zacarias V.

"I have been a Home Care Aid with Comfort Keepers for almost 9 years. Comfort Keepers was the first agency with which I applied upon deciding I wanted to spend the rest of my working years assisting seniors in their golden years. I am very pleased by the way that the agency is run with respect and professionalism. I feel that the administrative staff is very hands on and, very caring of not only the clients and their families, but the staff of Home Care Aids as well. We all receive excellent and up to date training and resources that help us to better serve our clients. I recommend Comfort Keepers to anyone that is looking for well trained, caring, and courteous staff of people to care for your loved ones."

Barbara B.

"Comfort Keepers is a great company to work for. I had to change my schedule due to my children and they understood. When i told them i had to cut down my availability i thought they were going to be like other companies where they cut you off but they didnt. The staff is amazing. They treat you with respect. They care about your opinion. Im verry happy to be working with comfort keepers. Thank you comfort keepers for giving me a chance to be with you."

Nohema D.

"Comfort Keepers was great helping me with my 103 year old mom until she moved to assisted care. Even though my mom didn't like the idea of a helper, they found a care giver and schedule that worked for us, and we were both grateful for the extra help and support!"

Louis P.

"Comfort Keepers provided wonderful companionship to my father during a week spent in a skilled nursing facility and then helped him successfully transition back to assisted living. Their calm, steady and encouraging presence helped Dad during a difficult time and I felt an enormous sense of relief every time I walked in his room and found him smiling. Dad really needed the one-on-one support he got from the Comfort Keepers team. They knew when to engage Dad in conversation and when to simply be there for him. I was able to check staffing assignments through the Comfort Keepers website and read the notes posted after each shift. I was notified when there were schedule or staffing changes and received prompt responses to my questions. I recommend Comfort Keepers because of the warmth and effectiveness of their support and because they are organized and reliable."

Susan S.

"I used comfort keepers for my step father for years and we received amazing service. The staff is very capable and were very personable. They responded quickly with anything that came up, and were very open to feed back. I felt very secure and my step father loved talking to all of the keepers and he was a talker;)"

Matt G.

"I am in employee of this company. I have really enjoyed working with this company. They are very understanding on working with the team and families that needs are care and love and companionship. It's a fun and enjoyable place to work for. All the staff are so friendly and happy and caring people. When your love one needs care they are on top of it trying to give you the best service we can give your family. I hope you find this very helpful in trying to find the best place to find care for your loved one."

Jessica E.

"Comfort Keepers is an amazing company that really cares about their clients and their employees. I have worked here for over a year and couldn't be happier with the support I receive from the entire staff. They all work really hard to make sure that everyone is happy. Someone from the staff was even there at my first visit to introduce me to my client which really help. The communication is good too, I always know what to expect from Comfort Keepers. Their training is unlike any other company I've worked for, and their continuing education program is amazing. Very excited to be able to work here and hopefully go on to become a nurse!"

Courtney S.

"Comfort Keepers is top notch! They manage to keep their service compassionate and personable while simultaneously remaining completely professional. Their management is clearly organized and cares above all about the families and community they serve. The Comfort Keeper staff is the public face and hands of the organization and they are beautiful. I can't imagine using anyone else for our home care needs. From myself and my family, to the whole Comfort Keepers team I want to say: From the bottom of our hearts, thank you!"

James B.

"Jennifer and Jessica are awesome! They are truly dedicated to providing amazing care and being 100% transparent about each and every visit. Their staff takes the time to leave personal messages online after visits so that you can keep up to date and know about all of the little things that happen on the day to day. Not only that but they are constantly looking for new ways to make you feel comfortable and assured that your loved ones are in good hands. They really put you first and make sure that all of your needs are met!"

Flor L.

"After more than 10 years working with this dynamic duo, we can tell you they care deeply about taking care of everyone's loved ones like they are their own. The services are outstanding and the compassion is boundless. So happy I know these folks and truly feel my life is better because of them."

Jay B.

"Greatest company I have ever worked for! They are very appreciative of their staff and care so much about the clients! <3"

Erin G.

"This is a great, caring company. They were very helpful and accommodating to our family in understanding dementia."

Laurel E.

"I have been with Comfort Keepers for over a year. Management is so caring and genuinely cares about their staff and clients. They work with my schedule and I have always felt very appreciated, and I can't say that about other companies I have worked for. They are the best!"

Erin B.

"My father suffered a stroke which caused him to, "sundown". He is pulling out his IVs and other life saving devices and trying to get out of bed but he can't walk and falls. Thanks to what I understand is a new program with Kaiser Permanente, Comfort Keepers is sending, "sitters" to be with my dad to monitor his actions and keep him safe. They use gentle redirection sometimes physically helping him to be more comfortable, slide his legs back into a safe position etc., and chatting with him keeping him engaged. They call nurses when warranted. I have so far found all the sitters to be caring, kind, skilled and trustworthy. I am truly fortunate that my dad is the beneficiary of this life saving program. It is so very important to my family. I can't bear to think of how we would manage without this care."

Alyson H.

"Comfort Keepers are a blessing, they were beyond amazing. I could tell they genuinely cared about my dad they were really here for us in our time of need and they made it as easy as these situations can get and I am beyond thankful for them and their staff. THANK YOU"

Joline B.

"Last August I was very fortunate to be hired by Comfort Keepers. I have worked in the home health care industry for over a decade, and finding them was the best thing possible, at the best time possible. The entire staff is incredibly dedicated to their clients and caregivers. They treat everyone with dignity and respect. It is very refreshing to know that the office has the best interests of their clients and caregivers in mind. The clients I have visited with have been nothing short of amazing. I'm always paired with people where my skills are best utilized. The staff certainly match their clients with the most suitable and experienced caregivers. I have nothing but great things to say about this company. I'm so grateful I'm able to have a life outside of them where I'm able to volunteer at my local animal shelter on weekends. I highly recommend contacting them for any care you might need for your loved ones. I'm so thankful to be a part of their care team."

Erin T.

"I Would Recommend Comfort Keepers To Others! My initial in-home visit with Comfort Keepers was excellent. The staff is knowledgeable and accessible when needed. My caregiver, April, was easy to be with - willing to do what was asked of her and was always pleasant. ..."


"We Very Much Appreciated Our Caregiver! Crystal was wonderful!!! Our caregiver Crystal was so kind and always was willing to do what we asked of her. Your service was great! Much Appreciation!"


"Excellent Care At Comfort Keepers Of Walnut Creek! My caregiver was always reliable. Ebony James has truly been as joy to work with - and the management team was just excellent!"


"Very Knowledgeable Staff! Using your service made us very comfortable and made our life stress free. Your staff is very knowledgeable and very thorough. We were very impressed. We only used your service 3 times but we were very satisfied."

Mike H.

"Excellent Care. My mother was a Comfort Keeper client for over a year. All of the staff and those folks who were her comfort keepers were very kind and responsive."

Kate K.

"Very Professional Caregiver In Walnut Creek CA. Jessica was professional, warm, and helpful at a very stressful time. While an early invoice was inaccurate, the staff worked promptly to correct. Very responsive…"


"Thank you! I am very pleased with the current services! Yes, I'd recommend Comfort Keepers."

May N.

"Comfort Keepers Caregivers Are The Best! To the staff and my "angels", all of you were so wonderful. I couldn't have done it without you. Your kindness, sense of humor & help kept me going. You're the best. My prayers are always with you from now on."


"What a great company the Comfort Keepers is. I was introduced to this company by the neighbor across the street. She has been using the services of the Comfort Keepers in Sacramento, CA on a daily basis for several months. And, highly recommended their services. I was concerned that the Comfort Keepers in another area would not have the same high level of service. To my delight, I should not have worried. From my first contact with Client Care Specialist I knew I had made the correct choice. The first in-home visit was scheduled for my convenience so I could attend the out of town meeting at my Mother’s home. The Client Care Specialist discussed in detail what services were available. Cooking meals, driving to medical appointments, companionship, assist with bathing, are some of the special attentions available from the caring staff. I recommend their services."


"So often people write to say how displeased they are about services they have received. I have heard them and have written them myself. This note is to bespeak the pleasure, COMFORT, I have received from the “Comfort Keepers” friends. I say “friends” because that is what they have become for me. No matter who answers the telephone when I call I get a staff member who leaves me relieved from my care and ever stress."


"Thank you for all the care provided to my mom, Edith. I hope this letter of recommendation encourages others to try your service. When current care just isn’t enough, try Comfort Keepers. Recommended by providers we trust. Their care was compassionate, confident, and tailored to your individual needs. I have no doubt that you will be satisfied with this decision."


"Just a note to thank you angels that gave me peace of mind being here with me as my daughter, Barbara, was in her last days. Your help, kindness, and your since of humor were invaluable during that time. Keep up your good work. I love you all."


"Millie has been serene and collected in every instance. She is a star! Thank you all. I am very glad to have found out about Comfort Keepers, and there have been so many who helped Mom over the years. Thank you for your concern and the emails and phone calls that you have made to check on her and her care. I have thought that if I needed help at home for a time due to surgery or an injury I would look into having Comfort Keepers help out."


"I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate the care your Comfort Keepers have my father and, even more so, the kindness with which they treated him. They are a great group of caregivers. They also made my life considerably easier, not just by the help they gave my father, but also by the support they gave me. Please let them know the high regard I have to all of them."


"All of the women who came to help me were good, professional and willing to do whatever I needed. I knew from the way Rene cooked dinner without one question of where to find pots and pans that she was very efficient and respectful. When she told me she was returning for the week, I was overjoyed. I knew she was a gem. She was a good cook also. Rene is #1! Joyce offered to clean out the freezer which was great and on garbage day pick up so it worked out great!"


"I want you to know how pleased we are with Comfort Keepers. We have been served by your staff and caregivers since last August, and it has been a fine relationship. First, your staff is very accommodating of our needs. From the very beginning I felt we were dealing with a professional, yet caring organization that prided itself on helping people with needs such as ours in every way you could. Your Website was a testament to your professionalism. I also thought your early analysis of our situation and your suggestion about equipping my husband with an alert system in case he needed help and I was not available were very important. And your staff’s desire to meet our needs and match our schedule, even if we sometimes change our requirements because of events not anticipated, is first rate. Your scheduling people have always attempted to match up my husband with caregivers he would relate well to, and you have tried to provide consistency in the individuals you send us to strengthen ties between him and his caregiver. As to your selection of caregivers, it is clear your organization spends important time making sure they are qualified, trained, and have the personal characteristics and competencies that your clients need. We have always been pleased with the people you have sent us. And now, because my husband seems to relate especially well to one particular person, you are trying to enable us to be served by that person on an on going basis. Finally, we are Kaiser Permanente members, so when we found out that Kaiser not only approves of your agency, but recommends it to its members, we felt we were making the right choice. And we very much appreciate the discount you give to us as Kaiser members. So, thanks for all you do at Comfort Keepers to help your clients live the best lives we can under sometimes difficult circumstances."

Penny I.

"I have been using Comfort Keepers ever since I read Kaiser’s recommendation and have been delighted with their services. Their sensitive response to our particular needs, the competency and conscientiousness of the aides could not be better. Their presence makes it possible for me to get enough sleep to significantly improve my health, and the relief and peace of mind they bring to our situation has made a tremendous improvement in our difficult situation. My husband can now stay at home and I can be with him."


"I was very happy with their services. They assisted with a short-term assignment, as my Dad was recuperating from eye surgery. All the people I worked with were responsive and professional. Nancy, the case manager, was fantastic! Overall I was very pleased with the organization."


"Please allow me to take this opportunity to express my appreciation for the outstanding service we have received from Comfort Keepers. The caregivers have been wonderful, exceeding our most desired expectations. Your interest and meticulous attention to our needs are very much appreciated. I also particularly want to mention how much the efforts of Raquel to find just the perfect match of the caregivers with our perceived needs and personalities are the frosting on the cake regarding our evaluation of your company. Frankly, I do not know how she so skillfully manages to comply with the demands we place on her. She is an outstanding individual."


"Thank you so much for the warm, caring, compassionate and professional care that you gave to our dad. It was truly comforting to us to know that you were taking care of him in his last days. It was obvious that he appreciated all that you did and enjoyed your company."


"Just wanted to let you know how pleased I have been with Comfort Keepers. All the young women have been a delight to work with. Someone has done a great job in hiring. I’m glad my daughter found you."


"I had a hip replacement and used your services for in-home care for a week. I was very happy with the care and attention that was given. The worker arrived on time and took very good care of me while they were here. I would certainly use Comfort Keepers again and would recommend you to my friends and family. Thank you."


"This is to thank you for your help during the past very trying weeks. When it was clear to me that caring for my wife as I would like to was beyond my physical capabilities, I contacted you and asked for support. I have to tell you that the help I got was critical for my wife and my well-being, and you and your capable staff excelled every step of the way. Be assured that you and your people will be the ones I call when additional care for my wife or me is required. Thank you!"


"This is a note of appreciation for the support and assistance provided while we were using Comfort Keepers services. Returning home after my recent spinal surgery, I was in a lot of discomfort and the care I needed during the nights was overwhelming to my husband. Knowing Kaiser had recommended your services, we called Comfort Keepers, hoping someone would come soon. And that very evening Ebony arrived at our home to provide much needed relief. Ebony was such a comfort and helped maintain my dignity. I always felt so cared for when she was on duty. I also want to thank Nicole for the part she played in my care. She always arrived promptly and with a smile even though it was late evening. Thank you so much for the sweet, good-natured, and attentive care I received from both Ebony and Nicole. They truly helped me through a difficult period, and I was so grateful to have their wonderful support and care."


"I want to praise the excellent choices of young women in your business. They are excellent, calm and professional. I have your card and I know I can call you any time."


"I am writing on behalf of my mother, her husband and our entire family to tell you what a wonderful job you did caring for our parents. Your staff of caregivers was knowledgeable and willing to carry out different tasks daily that were required by my mom’s changing health needs. We greatly appreciated the patience and genuine caring demonstrated by your staff of Comfort Keepers, and we would recommend you to anyone looking for care for a family or friend. Thank you from all of us for the great service you and your company provide."


"A note to say how appreciative we are of the help that Comfort Keepers provided for my mom at a very difficult time. The staff was professional, knowledgeable, sensitive and flexible, and the caregivers worked very well with my mom. Thank you for your services."


"I want to tell you how pleased our family is by care given to my father by Elizabeth. She is the most professional and caring Comfort Keeper we have experienced since contracting with your service. I cannot speak highly enough about her skills, dedication and communication expertise. In the time she has been with us, my father has come to consider her part of his family, as have we."


"Please know I’ll call on Comfort Keepers in the future when needed, and I’ll definitely refer your organization to my network of family, friends, and co-workers. Shakofa is a real charm. Please let her know how much I appreciated her service and care."

Kaiser Member

"Thank you, Comfort Keepers, for the terrific in-home help you provided for my aunt while she was recovering from a short hospital stay. Comfort Keepers is first class all the way, with a very well trained staff and courteous professional in-home providers. It was a pleasure having your in-home help and hope others will take advantage of your affordable, wonderful in-home services."

Kaiser Member

"Thank you very much for your phone and email alerts about my aunt’s state of health. Crystal has been great! My aunt really enjoys her visits and Crystal is very observant of my aunt’s well-being and needs. Thank you all for being so helpful and for keeping us informed of any possible concerns about my aunt’s well-being."

Kaiser Member

"A note of thanks to Comfort Keepers and staff. I am recovering from my first operation ever. My husband called Comfort Keepers when we got home. Unbelievably someone was on it and came out right away, and we were scheduled for staff to come and aid in bathing, dressing, and miscellaneous chores. I can’t thank you all enough. Thank you for all being there for us not only on short notice but with competent and caring help."

Kaiser Member

"I enjoy being a Comfort Keeper for many reasons. I get joy out of knowing that the clients I get to work with enjoy our time together. I become more like a friend to my clients and they know I am there for them. I like helping people in any way that I can. Whether it's just sitting and chatting, doing a client's laundry or even showering them I really feel like I am making a difference. I may not always have big tasks working with clients but I do know I make a difference especially when head staff gives me compliments from what my clients family says about me. In the end I'm a people person - I care for my clients with all my heart and I love helping them in their everyday life and knowing they love me back and appreciate me is wonderful and reassures me that what I do for a living is what I am meant to be doing."

Ravae, Caregiver

"Johnnie was with me the night of my husband’s death. She helped me through it and held me up. What a wonderful Comfort Keeper. She is special."

Lois G.

"Please know I'll call on Comfort Keepers in the future when needed, and I’ll definitely refer your organization to my network of family, friends and co-workers. Shakofa is a real charm. Please let her know how much I appreciated her service and care."

Pamela C.

"I have been using Comfort Keepers ever since I read Kaiser's recommendation and have been delighted with their services. Their sensitive response to our particular needs, the competency and conscientiousness of the aides could not be better. The relief and peace of mind they bring to our situation has made a tremendous improvement in our difficult situation. My husband can now stay at home and I can be with him."

Debra H.

"Just wanted to let you know how pleased I have been with Comfort Keepers. All the young women have been a delight to work with. Someone has done a great job in hiring. I'm glad my daughter found you."

Richard W.

"Comfort Keepers show compassion by treating my mom like she was their mother. They are very nurturing-like. She is like their family member. I appreciate that. When I'm not here I feel comfortable that my mother is safe and in good hands."

Steven F.

"I had a hip replacement and used your services for in-home care for a week. I was very happy with the care and attention that was given. The worker arrived on time and took very good care of me while they were here. I would certainly use Comfort Keepers again and would recommend you to my friends and family. Thank you."

Alicia T.

"I would like to take this opportunity to tell you about my experience in having Elizabeth as my home caregiver for this past year. Not only does she represent Comfort Keepers well, she does so with professionalism and true concern for her client. She has the desire and gift to help lighten a sometimes dismal day with a sweet smile and honest encouragement. She is a pleasure to have in my home each day, and I feel she is comfortable being here also."

Maria G.

"My husband's Mother died, and that left his Dad of 87 years old alone and needing help in his home. He had lived there 40 years and he was comfortable where he was, and we wanted to make him happy. We live 3 hours away and it was taking its toll on our lives. Luckily, I had heard from a friend about your business. I called, and very quickly Tyra came out and interviewed us. She helped us decide the level of"

Diane M.