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Quality of Life

Comfort Keepers In-Home Care in Pleasanton, California.

Quality of Life Guide: Elder Care At Home Services in Pleasanton, CA

Eldercare at home services discuss the senior quality of life improvement in Pleasanton, CA 

When you think of the quality of life, what comes to mind? At the very minimum, quality of life is your comfort, health, and overall happiness. While it does sound quite simple, it is more than that. We are all affected at some point in our lives by actions and circumstances that happen around us and these instances lead to our happiness and sadness. Everyone’s quality of life will fluctuate over time. So, what is your quality of life made up of? Let’s take a look at what the Comfort Keepers elder care at home services says.

Personal Life

Your loved one’s personal life is made up of small moments that bring happiness and joy. These moments factor into the quality of life experienced and they shape who your loved one is.

Family Affairs

For a family to be happy, everyone in the family must be able to function in a way that their needs are met. If the needs are not met, this can lead to confusion and agitation. As a caretaker, it can be nearly impossible to handle the day to day duties of care alone. The Comfort Keepers elder care at home service team wants you to know that they are here to help should you need it.

Daily Tasks Required To Function

ADLs or activities of daily living are the basic things that we perform each and every day. Think about getting dressed, moving around the house, and even eating. While these tasks may seem easy to you, they may not be as easy for your beloved senior.

Partnership And Companionship

Everyone in this world needs a companion and when your senior is left at home alone, they can crave that companionship. Without it, they will become isolated and lonely. If this issue is not addressed, then your loved one may become more withdrawn and eventually stop leaving the home and they may not care for themselves properly. The Comfort Keepers elder care at home services team can accompany your loved one on day trips or even sit with them and discuss the current events to prevent them from feeling lonely.

Happiness In The Home

Many seniors, when given the option, will choose to age in place in their homes. This is because they have spent their years here and have created many memories in their home. They do not want to give this up.

Quality Of Life Is Our Mission

Comfort Keepers elder care at home services is committed to helping both seniors and their families receive the best quality of life. You deserve it. Your loved one deserves it. Call our office today to discuss our care options.