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1213 Laskin Rd #207, Virginia Beach, Virginia 23451 Coronavirus update

Medical Alert Systems That Extend the Reach of Caregiving

Comfort Keepers In-Home Care of Virginia Beach.

At Home Senior Care & SafetyChoice®

Our at home senior care products are here to provide families and their loved ones the peace of mind they need

At Comfort Keepers of Virginia Beach, VA when it comes to your loved ones at home senior care the number one thing to be aware of is senior safety.  In fact, the first thing we do before we start creating your plan is evaluate your loved one’s home for hazards.  Securing slippery floor rugs, tightening loose railings, and eliminating clutter is a must.  So is making sure essential items can easily be found and are always in reach.  Even bathtubs and shower areas can be re-fitted for safer senior use.  However, while you may take all the precautions necessary to limit the risk of harmful injuries, accidents and emergencies still happen.

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More Than The Home

Along with threats your loved one’s home can present, factors such as taking multiple medications or common health issues are other safety risks seniors live with every day.  When it comes to the medications your loved ones take, issues such as dizziness or dehydration can occur- even when taken correctly.  Then there is the chance they may not be taken at the right dose or time, putting your senior in serious trouble.  Older adults also suffer a number of common ailments such as high blood pressure, diabetes, or arthritis.  This puts them at greater risk of developing a heart attack, stroke, or another serious disease.

Getting Them Help When They Need It Most

While it may be impossible to completely prevent accidents in your senior’s home, it isn’t impossible to quickly get them the essential aide they need.  With our line of SafetyChoice products, you can add to your love one’s at home senior care by fashioning their living space with a Personal Emergency Response System.  This non-invasive console works together with a number of other security devices such as pendants, floor mats, and door sensors to alert the right individuals that something is wrong.  When an alert is sent out, the PERS console can seamlessly connect your loved one to a trained emergency responder who can get them the help they need, fast, to prevent further injury or illness.

Read below to see how SafetyChoice can create an essential element of security to your loved ones at home senior care.  You can also schedule a free consultation where we can discuss your options in detail and get their home fitted with our devices. (757) 204-1108.

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Seniors living at home alone can face risks.

For instance, the risk of falling can be a threat to a senior’s health and quality of life. But no less critical, a dose of medication could be missed, or overdosed. Additionally, for those with dementia, wandering off or engaging in a dangerous activity can put them in harm’s way. 

Consequently, many families face this dilemma: balancing respect for a loved one’s independence with a desire to provide them with home care. No one wants to be overbearing, but all families worry about the time between visits when their loved one is alone. 

Comfort Keepers offers more than in-home care, we also help seniors and their families overcome these challenges with our full line of in-home safety devices.

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